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Munich in Shock

Munich, capital of the southern German state of Bavaria, was rocked by a senseless attack that cost ten lives. 
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Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Snow White is a full-length story ballet by French choreographer, Angelin Preljocaj, set to music by Gustav Mahler and performed at the Queensland Performing Arts...
Jana Bohlmann talked to a German teacher and a German-Australian about what it is like to learn a second language while living in an English speaking country. Our...
The world´s first exhibition on the life and work of US director Martin Scorsese is currently on in Melbourne. An exhibition, which has been conceived and...
Since June 2012 Dr Helmut Böck has been serving as Austria´s Ambassador in 13 Australasian countries. Before returning to Vienna in August with his family, he...
SBS National Languages Competition

20 June - 29 July 2016

Special Projects

Alle zwei Wochen strahlen wir Sonderbeiträge in unserem Programm aus. Hören Sie sie hier nach!

Joining the police force might not be as hard as some of us think. German speaking Senior Constable Stefan Schmitzer from Melbournes east confirms that there are...
The Society for Australian-German Student Exchange awards scholarships to Australian students to travel to Germany for 10 weeks during their summer holidays. 

A Visit to the Sydney Observatory

Sitting on top of a hill, right next to the harbor bridge and one of the busiest city highways in Australia, the Sydney Observatory looks small and quaint today....
Thousands of students around Australia take up the challenge and study the German language. Most of them combined with another subject like law or commerce. A...

Do our homes make us sick?

Your home can make you sick, especially when it doesn't meet basic standards that have been essential requirements in European countries for many years. However,...
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