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Over 400,000 people in Australia currently live with dementia. Whilst there is currently no cure, a nutritional expert for people over 50 believes you can actually cheat dementia by eating better food for the brain.
In the sixth episode of Viva we explore how to keep the brain healthy to prevent dementia by talking to a dietician who specialises in nutrition for older people and an associate professor who leads the regenerative neuroscience group at Sydney...
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The German-NZ election connection

Unlike Australia, New Zealand's electoral system is a mirror image of its German counterpart. This weekend, both countries will vote in a new parliament. Time to find out more about the surprising similarities.
Angela Merkel is heading towards her fourth chancellorship. An anti-Trump sentiment prevailing in Germany turns out to be pleasantly helpful for the German leader who is often considered the world´s most powerful woman.
"There won't be a German Trump", says Dirk Kurbjuweit, deputy editor-in-chief at the well-respected weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, during his recent visit to Melbourne. The German chancellor has not only positioned herself as Trump's antipode ...
Do you have pets at home? Maybe a cat? If so, you surely know that having pets is enjoyable, but also hard work! So where do cats go when their owner is no longer able or willing to look after them?
In a bid to find out, SBS reporter Daniel Salg visited the Katzenstübchen Fürth, in Bavaria.

How do I write a novel?

Dirk Kurbjuweit is deputy editor-in-chief at the weekly news magazine "Der Spiegel" in Hamburg and Berlin. We invited the journalist and novelist to our SBS studio in Melbourne.
Mr Kurbjuweit was in Melbourne and Canberra in late August/early September 2017, for the Writers Festival. He told us how he writes his novels and why two of them have now been published in English, too. And also what he thinks about Australian R...
Dr. Oetker, a well-known family business from Germany, managed to gain ground in Australia. Customer Supply Chain Manager Daniel Melzow explains how.

What a week: German orthography

SBS comedian CJ Delling takes a closer look at spelling mistakes.

Echo Helvetia: Stone hunter

English text not available. Please go to the German page.
English text is not available. Please go to the German page.
In 1938, Eva escaped together with her parents from the Nazis who annexed Austria. In Australia, Eva became a tennis player and founder of the Duldig Studio, a not-for-profit public museum and art gallery.
Sculptor Karl Duldig and his wife Slawa (neé Horowitz), an artist and inventor, escaped from Vienna together with their babydaughter Eva in 1938. After stops in Switzerland and Singapore, the family arrived in Australia on 25 September 2015.
Finding affordable and quality childcare that works for the whole family is a concern for many parents.
Importers, Producers and Suppliers of all kinds of food are currently showcasing their wares from around the globe at Sydneys Fine Food Expo.  
Austria is one of Europes leading participant at the show. The focus is on healthy and natural products from that countrys clean Alpine environment.