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Want to age better? Join a choir

Did you know that joining the choir actually has proven benefits for positive ageing? Choir memberships can help older immigrants establish a sense of community and...
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Everyone has an opinion on what marriage should, or shouldn't be. Many people advocate gay marriage, because they want to include, not exclude Australia's gay and...
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Sick of being over-run by marching neo-Nazis every year, the town of Wunsiedel got creative.
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Circus in science

German-born Dr Anna-Sophie Jürgens is currently organising a conference called "Imagineers in Circus and Science" at Canberra´s Australian National University.
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Women are vigilant about avoiding alcohol and smoking during pregnancy, but what about stress? Can tension resulting from adverse circumstances harm my baby...
Federal Elections 2017

61.5 million Germans are eligible to vote on September 24. What do Germans living abroad need to know? Follow SBS German´s special coverage to get all the latest.