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Family members of Ramya have revealed that the couple had a spat the day Ramya allegedly committed suicide.
Film maker Omung Kumar took the plunge to direct the film Sarbjit based on the life of Sarabjit Singh, an Indian farmer who was convicted of terrorism in Pakistan...
Tasmania has initiated a 'Heritage Community Garden project' for multicultural communities settling there under Australia's Humanitarian Settlement service'...

‘Tanha’ in Melbourne – Meet Vibhor Pandit

Vibhor released his first single "Tanha" in 2014 and his writing style is based on touching very small moments and emotions.  
The boiler blast in Dombivali near Mumbai left five dead, and 125 injured.

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Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have released the new Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for 2016-17.
The assault took place during the morning hour rush around 8.30am, police said.
Documents show Mr Cox's will had been changed in July, just weeks before his death, with Ms Kumar becoming the sole benefactor.
It was found applications were lodged by unlicensed advisers, student agents and lawyers.
Customer had requested a chicken tikka masala with 'no nuts', but his curry had been cooked with a ground nut mix containing peanuts.
The women, 23 and 18, died at the scene when their car and a truck collided at Peaks Crossing.
A Perth based Indian-origin aviation worker was sacked for posting pro-Islamic State message on his Facebook page.

Are you a New Migrant in Australia?

Most important information about life in Australia!

Escalating property prices in Australia’s major cities are making it difficult for first-home buyers to get into the market. Knowing how to budget and doing your...
Are you planning to migrate to Australia? Here's everything you need to know about recent changes to SOL 2016-17. 
Australians go to the polls to vote in the federal election on July 2. Voting is compulsory for all eligible citizens over 18.
In our series on Smart Living, Architect Lalit Mittal has been giving us some tips and points to ponder on when planning to buy a new home.In this segment Mr...
Are you a diligent saver? Don’t miss out on the government’s bonus
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