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Australians are getting older and the need for good quality aged care is a growing concern.Cultural barriers can sometimes prevent some people from accessing aged care services - here are some of the best options.A feature presented by Anita Barar. 

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Friday, February 17, 2017 - 14:52
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The latest Intergenerational Report says that aging population is expected to reach nearly 40 million by 2055 with nearly a quarter of that over the age of 65.

Aged Care services have changed significantly over the last 15 years. One major change is the setup of My Aged Care, a call centre and website service launched by the government in July 2015 where elderly people can request aged care services tailored to their needs.

My Aged Care services range from basic chores like mowing the loan, doing the shopping or cleaning, to complex needs, such as alternative support for accommodation.

Payment options vary and tailored to individuals needs.

The Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australias (FECCA) 2020 Vision for Older CALD Australians report says migrant communities are aging at a much faster rate than the population at large.

In January 2017 the Federal Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, Ken Wyatt announced more than $8.5 million in additional funding for the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program for Aged Care in regional, rural and remote communities, stating that aged care services must be available to communities across the nation and all its diversity.

For information on the My Aged Care program visit:

or call 1800 200 422


For information about services in other languages visit:


For step-by-step information about how to access Aged Care support, visit the NSW Ethnic Communities' Council: