Vaanprrasth focuses to help improve the health and sanitary conditions of seniors and underprivileged women around Varanasi, India. China based Madhulika Chauhan who is closely associated with it, talks about its mission.   
Vaanprrasth is a non-profit organisation, which was established in 2015. Its main aim was to improve the health of women and seniors in remote areas where medical facilities are scarce. This organisation aims to built a centre with atleast 20 bed...
The Turnbull Government's controversial plans to change the citizenship test have suffered a major blow despite a late bid for crossbench support by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Vikas Gando Thayo chhe

Over the past few weeks, witty posts, satirical memes, and audio-visual capsules — all with the Gujarati hashtag, ‘vikas gando thayo chhe’ — have gone viral on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Mostly shared by youngsters. Harita Mehta spoke to...

Diwali In Ayodhya

Everyone has heard of the story of Lord Rama being welcomed in Ayodhya with earthen Diyas and decorated city. This year Deepawali will be celebrated on such a grand scale in Ayodhya. It will be similar as in Treta Yug when Lord Ram returned to...
Festival of lights—Deepawali--is round the corner. Preparations are in full swing in all households. Painting, cleaning, arrangements for lighting all is being done to celebrate Deepawali.