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Latest in Hungarian radio

Latest in Hungarian radio

Daniel Istvan Kiraly reports.  
It's been about 50 years since Communist figurehead Mao Zedong unleashed his decade-long Cultural Revolution in China.       

Scandal and Eurovision

Australian singer Dami Im says she hopes her performance at the Eurovision song contest created a good image of Australia.      

Political activism or art?

The Victorian government has rejected a call for a play depicting life under Israel's military blockade of the Gaza Strip to be removed from the state's high...

Allergy awareness

Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world, with thousands of new cases every year.     
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Medical news, health issues and research

How healthy is our food?

Health experts have cautiously praised plans by one of the world's biggest food manufacturers, to add warning labels to some of its products.       

An increase in heroin overdoses

An increase in heroin overdoses in Victoria has authorities fearing a return to a "glut" of the drug as experienced in the 1990's. And many taking up the drug...

Global policy on illegal drugs

Colombia's President is calling for a shift in global policy on illegal drugs, urging nations to focus on mafias and drug cartels that are behind production and...

Regular pap-smear tests save lives

A new, potentially life-saving campaign featuring Australian women of Indian and Vietnamese backgrounds has been launched in Victoria.    

Zika linked to microcephaly

Health officials in the United States say there is now enough evidence to conclude contracting the Zika virus while pregnant can cause severe birth defects,...
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