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Latest in Hungarian radio

Latest in Hungarian radio

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KID reports: Hungarian employment

Daniel Istvan Kiraly.      
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Generations in the workplace

It is a workplace without a generation gap, getting the best out of people of vastly different ages.       
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The Battle of Long Tan

It has been 50 years to the day since ANZAC soldiers fought in Australia's deadliest battle of the Vietnam War. Eighteen Australians and hundreds of Vietnamese...
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The Wave Hill Walk Off

This month marks 50 years since the day 200 Aboriginal workers walked off a Northern Territory cattle station in protest over exploitative living and wage...
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The bonus, it's good for your health

Singing in a choir or playing a musical instrument are favourite pastimes for many Australians.      . 
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SBS National Languages Competition

30 August – 9 September 2016

SBS Hungarian Explores Identity

SBS Radio’s new identity series “explores our identities” through conversations with everyday Australians who challenge the stereotypes.

Kati Balla always finds conenction with disabled students .       
Hungarian is an optional HSC subject in Australia.      

Sue Rado -Changing Perspective

She lived in Hungary for 15 years, returning to Australia at the beginning of 2013.     

Aboriginal astronomy

The stars hold great significance for Australias indigenous people.         

The musical life of Lajos Dávid

Arrived in the late 80-s, as an economy refugee.     
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