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Latest in Hungarian radio

Latest in Hungarian radio

Sport: 12th September


Craving salt is surviving

From preserving the dead, to paying soldiers salaries, to seasoning what we eat, there isnt a part of human life that hasnt been touched by a pinch of salt.        
Daniel Istvan Kiraly talked to Ms Aliz Erdelyi Sipos, corerspondent of the Hungarian Diaterian Association.   

Salt in sauces

Public-health experts say new research has revealed alarming levels of salt in supermarket cooking sauces.       

Obesity myth

We all know how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off.  
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Community News

News about the Australian Hungarian community

Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty - exhibition in Melbourne, by artist, Annemarie Szeleczky.  
„Once upon a time, we were very good      

„I came with open heart”

Australia has over five hundred national parks spreading across deserts, forests, mountains and water.