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Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Middle Eastern Talks

A major international conference to try to restart peace talks in the Middle East has ended in France. But the meeting between delegates from 70 countries was missing...

Organ Donation

Organ donation has surged in the past year, with a record 1400 lives saved through transplants -- according to the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority.Donor...

Cervical Cancer Screening Change

From this year, the screening process for cervical cancer will change.Under the new guidelines, women under the age of 25 will no longer be advised to have pap...
The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta is offering an Art and Culture and Indonesian Channel Scholarship for 2017. The program will run from...

Visa 457 and union

The Maritime Union of Australia is calling for a royal commission into the 4-5-7 skilled migrant visa program for temporary overseas workers.
My Grandmother's Lingo

A unique voice-activated interactive tells the story of one woman’s fight to save her endangered Indigenous language.