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Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Overcrowded jails

Nurhadi Sucahyo (SBS Radio correspondent in Indonesia), talks with Suriyadi Widido Eddyono from the Indonesian Institute for Criminal Justice Reform about over...

Trends in Terrorism

What trends are evident in the data of the recently issued Global Terrorism Index (GTI)?


The Indonesian Consul General to Sydney Dr RI Yayan GH MulyanaYayan GH Mulyana talks about the importance of a recent visit by a delegation from Aceh to building...

Couriers at risk

SBS News has obtained CCTV footage of delivery workers illegally using Sydneys tunnel system, as critics say international students are most at risk.

Viva: Going Vegetarian

More Australians are opting to go meat-free to improve their health or lose weight. According to experts, going vegetarian is actually good for your wellbeing as...