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Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

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Energy Price

State and territory leaders have criticised the Prime Minister for not showing enough leadership on energy issues to help reduce power prices. .
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Australian School Results

An international study reveals Australia is failing to improve in key education areas as other countries surge ahead.   
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Interviwe with Dr Geologist/earthquake expert, Gayatri Indah Marliyani, S.T., M.Sc from University of GAjah Mada (UGM) regarding the earthquake which happened...
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Science Migrant

Scientists who have migrated to Victoria from abroad are being invited to apply for a pilot program designed to prepare them for potential employment as...
For new arrivals to Australia who want to have a valid drivers licence, they have to follow certain processes and procedures.  
SBS Radio Services Review

SBS Radio is conducting a public consultation on the criteria it is proposing for the SBS Radio Services Review.