Were living longer than ever before, so staying active is key to fitness and health. But what exercise is right for you?
Dr Elissa Burton is an exercise scientist and researcher from Curtin University. She says the Australian Physical Activity Guideline and the World Health Organisation recommend adults should stay physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes per...
Australia's appointment to the United Nations Human Rights Council for a three-year term is drawing mixed reactions.
Lawyer Hugh de Kretser from the Human Rights Law Centre says Australia has a long track record of being a positive influence at the United Nations, but not so much in recent years.
Australia's telecommunications ombudsman says complaints about internet services increased and became, for the first time, the highest source of issues.
Consumers and small businesses made over 150,000 complaints to telecommunication companies in the past financial year, the highest number in four years.
The Australian media industry has been rocked by the news that TV presenter Lisa Wilkinson has quit her high-profile job as co-host of the Nine Network's Today show, amid reports the network refused to pay her the same salary as her male co-host.
Gender equality advocates say Ms Wilkinson's decision encourages other women to take a stand against what they see as gender pay inequality.
National Mental Health Week and Coming Out Day are commemorated in October. PhD candidate from School of Education - University of Adelaide and lecturer at Faculty of Psychology - Airlangga University, Aryani Tri Wrastari, speaks about mental...
Fast-food chains seem to be everywhere, but one Mexican-themed Australian franchise is setting itself apart.
The unique business structure of this company has even made its chief executive wondering whether he's running a business or a humanitarian organisation.
Consumer groups have expressed concern after banking giant Westpac revealed half of its customers with mortgages are still paying interest-only on their loans.
Westpac and its major rivals responded by hiking up rates for interest-only loans to make them less attractive. 
A survey has found almost all Australian girls believe they have been treated unfairly compared to boys.
The alarming results have prompted calls for measures including gender-neutral school uniforms and a ban on sexist advertising.
The Turnbull government has hit back at North Korea, saying it won't be intimidated by the rogue state's threats.
Pyongyang has criticised Australia's "dangerous moves" in its support for the United States, and its "frenzied political and military provocations" against North Korea.  
Somalian president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared three days of national mourning after a pair of deadly bomb blasts in the capital Mogadishu.
No group has claimed responsibility so far for the attacks, the most deadly in the African nation's history.  

Language test for Foreign Students

International students have been put on alert, with the government to roll out tougher English tests. From next year, students will need to formally pass an English course before they can enter tertiary education.

Migran Dowry

Australia is set to become the first country outside India to have laws targetting dowry abuse. The Victorian Government is preparing legislation that will target unscrupulous husbands extorting dowry money from the families of their wives. The...

Private Health Insurance

The federal government is making sweeping reforms of the private health insurance system. The changes are aimed at simplifying the system. The government says it's a 'very powerful financial incentive' for young people to take out private health...

Small Business ZOOKAL

From a bedroom-based start-up* to a multi-million company with strong roots in Asia, a group of young Australian entrepreneurs have created something the world's never seen before.

Environment Oceans

The European Union has promised 560 million Euros as part of a 36 point strategy to clean up the world's oceans. The pledge was made at the Malta Ocean Summit, where high-profile campaigners made impassioned pleas for countries to reduce packaging...