Glass Half Full

Journalist Mikael Dian Teguh assesses Australias performance at the Confederations Cup 2017. 
Why should Australia be satisfied with its last two performances at the Confederations Cup 2017? What was most impressive about the Socceroos performance against Chile? Which players showed most improvement? Journalist Mikael Dian Teguh puts...

Census Multicultural Feature

Recently released census results show that a growing number of Australians no longer identify with a religion. 
According to the recent census results how have Australians religious preferences changed? Which is the most popular religion in Australia? Which religion showed the largest increase in popularity?  

Immersed in Indonesian

Elisabeth Riharti, an Indonesian teacher at the Australian Defence Language School in Melbourne, told SBS how proud she was that her student had just won a speech competition conducted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in...
How can we reconcile the declining number of students who learn Indonesian with the enthusiasm shown by participants competing at the speech and story-telling competition held by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne? ...

Housing Seniors Feature

Housing analysts are warning of a looming crisis among older Australians.
What housing problems are a growing number of older Australians facing? Why? Which group is most at risk? What steps have been taken to alleviate the problem?    
Interview with Apung Widadi from Forum Indonesia for Budget Transparency (FITRA) regarding the statement issued by Indonesian Parliamanet threating to freeze the budget for the Corruption Watch and Police department.  
Can the threat be realized? Is the move unconstitutional? What should the president do?

Education Funding GONSKI 2

The federal government's $23.5 billion school funding package has finally passed the senate.   
It took a marathon debate to get the package over the line, thanks to votes from the One Nation Party, the Nick Xenophon Team, and crossbenchers Derryn Hinch, Jacqui Lambie, and Lucy Gichuhi.
Cost of living pressures are a concern for many Australian families. The federal government offers different types of payments to help families, including the family tax benefit.  
Do you know if you're eligible, how you could access it and what changes are coming from 1 July?

Do we dare to dream?

Dr Andy Fuller, Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne and editor the sports studies blog, talks about the state of the world game in Australia in light of recent events and results. 
Should we be critical of Australias performance in the Confederations Cup? Is it worthwhile for Australia to bid to host the Womens World Cup? Are the Matildas the biggest positive in Australian soccer? Dr Andy Fuller answers these and related...


Although the unemployment rate fell last month, underemployment remains near record highs and a source of complaint for some workers. 
Why is the level of underemployment increasing? How does underemployment impact on workers? Why do some employers prefer a casualised workforce?    

What does food mean?

To mark the inaugural World Sustainable Gastronomy Day, Indra Ketaren the President of the Indonesian Gastronomy Association talks about what food means to our identity. 
Why is food so important to our cultural identity? What do we need to do to promote sustainable gastronomy, i.e. a low-waste or zero waste approach to producing and serving good food? Indra Ketaren brings his ideas to the table.    

School funding changes

The Turnbull Government is racing to pass its controversial changes to school funding by the end of the week, when parliament disbands for the long winter break
With one Coalition senator now threatening to cross the floor and vote against his colleagues, a deal with the Greens and crossbenchers is the Government's best chance.   Leaked Government modelling suggests Catholic schools will receive billio...
For 60,000 years, traditional Aboriginal healers or ngankari (pronounced as "nun-ka-ri") have treated patients using a set of ancient medical knowledge system passed down from generations.  
Beyond physical wellbeing, the nganakri also take care of a patient's mind and spirit.   The ngankari can see a person's spirit through the healing touch, the pampuni (pronounced "pahm-poo-ni") and place a misaligned spirit back into the body. ...