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Child's Story

Maria Tri [Ria] Sulistyani, a writer, illustrator, co-founder and artistic director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre talks about the show Childs Story (Cerita Anak), a highly interactive piece of theatre and a product of Australian-Indonesian (Polyglot...
How were Papermoon and Polyglot Theatre able to work together to create Childs Story (Cerita Anak)? What was the inspiration of the narrative? Who are the target audience? Maria Tri Sulistyani answers these and related questions.  


Sri Dean talks to Maria Tri Sulistyani, one of the Creative Director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre on Child's Story puppet show.  
Maria's Papermoon Puppet Theatre collaborates with Polygot Theatre to present Child's Story or Cerita Anak as part of Arts Centre Melbourne's Asia TOPA: Asia Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts dari tanggal 30 Maret sampai 2 April di State...

Adult Vaccine

Health researchers are calling for greater efforts to close the gap on adult vaccinations amongst the migrant, refugee and Indigenous Australian population.  
A new report says up to 3.8 million Australian adults are missing out on free vaccinations each year, putting them at risk of preventable infections.  

Race Hate Feature

How have different segments of Australian society reacted to the recent agreement by Members of Parliament from the Coalition parties to push to change the wording of Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act? 
Why did the Prime Minister Turnbull and coalition Parliamentarians agree to push for a change to the wording of Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act? What was the reaction of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria to the proposal? ...
Health workers and researchers from around the world have met in Melbourne to discuss ways of helping women in Australia who have been affected by Female Genital Mutilation.  
The surgery is practised in dozens of countries around the world, mostly in Africa.   But there is an increasing need for health services in Australia as more women from the affected countries immigrate.  

Pauline Hanson on Muslim ban

The Prime Minister has accused Pauline Hanson of "doing what the terrorists want" after she called for a "Muslim ban" in Australia following the London attack.  
Malcolm Turnbull characterised the words as "dangerous", saying "the object of the terrorists is to get the broader community to turn on Muslims".

Ashilla Zee - Artiumnation

On her recent performance in Australia young rock-pop star Ashilla Zee talked about her appearance at Artiumnation and the development of her career in Indonesia.  
As a musician and psychology students what is Ashilla Zees priority? Did appearing at Artiumnation in Australia prompt a nationalistic response in her? Why did Ashillah choose to leave Blink and go solo? What is her current preference in...

Jeprut Community Bandung

Bah Nanu Musa, Abah Enjoem, Bah Yoyon Darsono and Neng Sri Rezeki, members of the Jeprut community, Bandung art movement talk about their collaboration with artist Tisna Sanjaya in the Art is a Prayer show that was held at the Victorian State...
What are the different artistic, spiritual and theatrical elements that are brought to Jeprut Bandung performance? What is reak? How do the Jeprut team align their performance to complement the work of Tisna Sanjaya? Abah Nanu Musa, Abah...

Ocha - Artiumnation

Rossa (Ocha) Wintala PuspitasarI Project Advisor Artiumnation who is also head of Saman Melbourne talks about Artiumnation, the concert that was held on 11th March in the Melbourne Town Hall
What made the Artiumnation concert such a success? What unexpected difficulties did the organising committee have to overcome to present the concert? How does Saman Melbourne manage to flourish by regenerating its membership? Rossa (Ocha)...

Legal Aid

There are eight legal aid commissions in Australia, one in each state and territory. 
The purpose of legal aid commissions is to provide vulnerable, disadvantaged and newly arrived Australians with access to justice.
Coral reef destruction at Raja Ampat has happened because of regulatory violations.
Dedi Parenden, a reseacher and lecturer at University of Papua, describes the coral reef destruction at Raja Ampat.
Australian and other international leaders have reacted strongly after the attack near London's Westminster Palace.
Striking at the heart of Britain. The incident has left at least four people dead and 40 injured.

Concussion Study

A study of retired NRL (National Rugby League) players revealed that a range of brain impairments which can manifest later in life due to concussion. 
How did initially the issue of concussion come to the fore within the NRL? According to the study conducted by Dr Pearce, what areas of the brain were particularly effected by concussion? Why did he focus on those areas of the brain?  

Welfare Card Feature

There is a plan to extend to two other communities, the requirement for community members to make purchases by using a debit card rather than cash. 
What was the purpose of introducing a cashless debit card into some communities? How successful has the program been? What are the arguments for and against extending the program to other communities?

Centrelink Inquiry

The federal Department of Human Services has defended before a Senate committee is conducting an inquiry into the effects of the Centrelink's much-criticised automated debt-recovery scheme toward hundreds of thousands of people who received...
Unions and social service groups have strongly criticised the debt program, and called for it to be axed. The head of the department responsible says the scheme should continue, albeit with a few tweaks.