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Immigration Issue Feature

Businessman Dick Smith is proposing a cut to immigration and an increase in taxes for the very rich. 
Why does Dick Smith believe the number of immigrants to Australia needs to be cut? How does he believe this can be achieved? Why does he want an increase in tax on the very rich?  

Garuda spirit

Rama Yuda Yulianto and Michael Alexander, and mentor Iain Shearer talk about the progress of the Garudas in the 2017 AFL International Cup in Melbourne?  
Despite a disappointing result in the Indonesian teams match against China at Diggers Rest on Saturday what positives can we take out of the game? What changes will be made for the Tuesday match against India? The Garudas look forward to their...


The Lee family from South Korea received a wonderful surprise when they were granted permanent residency after years of disappointment.  
How did the Lee family eventually get permanent residency after having being threatened with deportation? What legal costs did they face? Where did most of the familys support come from.  

Setllement in Armidale

The Turnbull Government has announced 200 refugees from Iraq and Syria are to be settled in the northern New South Wales city of Armidale.   
The humanitarian migrants will arrive in Armidale over six months from February next year.

Taxi standoff at Adelaide airport

There have been chaotic scenes at Adelaide airport as a dispute between taxi drivers and ride sharing service UberX (oo-ber ex)boiled over.   
The protest ended in a stand-off, with both services refusing to pick up passengers from the airport terminals.

Cyber Parent

The Australian Multicultural Foundation has launched a web app to encourage safe and healthy internet use in Australian homes.   
Available in 17 languages including Arabic, Somali, Chinese, Hindi, Turkish and Vietnamese, CyberParent is designed to teach parents how to know what their children are doing online and on social media.

Homelessness Rising in Australia

At least 100,000 Australians are living homeless this winter. Housing, financial difficulties and domestic violence are the top three causes of homelessness, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.   
SBS takes you to explore what it means to be homeless during Homelessness Awareness Week.

Waiting to Arrive

Director Mahesa Desaga, talks about his award-winning short film Waiting to Arrive (Nunggu Teka) that is currently being shown at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival together with the other four Indonesian short films.  
What is the topic of that conversation in the film Waiting to Arrive? How does director Mahesa Desaga enable a conversation between a film and its audience? What does he think about the other films? Mahesa Desaga talks about his cinematic...


Director and writer Kamila Andini discusses Memoria her award-winning short film that is currently being shown at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival. 
What influenced Kamila Andinis choice of location for the film Memoria? What are the dominant themes in the film? Why did Andini decide to make a film about what happened to women in Timor Leste? Director Kamila Andini answers these and...

Minangkabau Traditional Culture

Interview with Dr. Elfitra, a sociologist and lecturer at Fisip University Andalan, Padang, West Sumatra, about Minang society, the influence of change, and how Minang is today.
How times influence the Minang traditional culture

Plebisit Gay Marriage

A High Court challenge has been lodged over the government's proposed postal plebiscite.  
Lawyers are arguing the Finance Minister lacks the power to approve the funding for the plebiscite, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics is the wrong agency to carry out the ballot.

Citizenship Test

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she is asking the High Court to decide whether Malcolm Roberts was a dual British and Australian citizen when he nominated for parliament.   
Senator Roberts has come under renewed pressure after news site Buzzfeed produced evidence that Malcom Roberts signed a form when he was 19 years old declaring he was a British citizen.
Amongst the various dicussions emerging since the federal government's announcement of a plebiscite on gay marriage is how younger Australians will react to it.  
The youth has become especially piquant since the conventional plebiscite proposal was blocked again in parliament, meaning the ballot will now take place via the post.   That's put the spotlight not only on the method of voting, but on the bro...

Housing is More Unaffordable

The latest Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) national survey shows young people are living with their parents longer; those that aren't are suffering greater mortgage stress. 
While housing costs continue to rise, wages have stagnated, leaving many contemplating a debt-filled future retirement.