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Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

Latest in Indonesian Radio Program

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Child's Story

Maria Tri [Ria] Sulistyani, a writer, illustrator, co-founder and artistic director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre talks about the show Childs Story (Cerita Anak), a...


Sri Dean talks to Maria Tri Sulistyani, one of the Creative Director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre on Child's Story puppet show.  

Adult Vaccine

Health researchers are calling for greater efforts to close the gap on adult vaccinations amongst the migrant, refugee and Indigenous Australian population.  

Race Hate Feature

How have different segments of Australian society reacted to the recent agreement by Members of Parliament from the Coalition parties to push to change the...
Health workers and researchers from around the world have met in Melbourne to discuss ways of helping women in Australia who have been affected by Female Genital...
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