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Ultimi podcast, notizie, aggiornamenti e gallerie fotografiche.

Latest podcasts, news, opinions and galleries.

Il jet russo abbattuto dalle forze aeree turche è al centro di un'accesa disputa. I paesi coinvolti forniscono versioni opposte dell'accaduto, come ci racconta il...

88 giorni all'alba

Abbiamo raccolto tante esperienze sul lavoro nelle farm per il rinnovo del Working Holiday Visa negli ultimi anni, ora abbiamo deciso di vivere questi 88 giorni...

Keys & Lyrics - Agapito Malteni

In this week's segment Prof. Alfredo Luzi analyses "Agapito Malteni" by Rino Gaetano.
Tullio Rossi is a marine biologist and a PhD student at the University of Adelaide. He recently won a Bommies Award for his animation video "Lost at Sea".
The Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival presents over 100 feature films, among which one from Russia called "The Find". The male lead actor, Alexey Guskov, has...

LIFF 2015

Latest news and features from the 2015 Italian Film Festival

LIFF Tips - Land of Saints

"Land of Saints" is a powerful insight into the often unacknowledged women participating in the male-dominated tug-of-war between mafia rings and the law.

LIFF Tips - Soap Opera

Dipping into parody and combining a season's worth of hilarious over-the-top comedy into one film, director Alessandro Genovesi ensures there is never a dull...

LIFF Tips - The Dinner

The "dinner" is a regular event in which two brothers, Paolo and Massimo, meet with their wives at an expensive restaurant despite the women's mutual dislike....

LIFF Tips - Black Souls

Francesco Munzi's multi-award winning, twisting thriller is a timeless fable of pride and power, father and son, brother against brother, and a powerful morality...

LIFF Tips - Another South

Director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli transports us to the Iraqi combat zone, following a young Sicilian woman through a complex tapestry of flashbacks as she...
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