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Ultimi podcast, notizie, aggiornamenti e gallerie fotografiche.

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Marino si dimette

Ignazio Marino ha annunciato, nella serata italiana, le sue dimissioni da sindaco di Roma. Ha precisato perĂ² di sapere che "possono per legge essere ritirate entro...

88 giorni all'alba

Abbiamo raccolto tante esperienze sul lavoro nelle farm per il rinnovo del Working Holiday Visa negli ultimi anni, ora abbiamo deciso di vivere questi 88 giorni...
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Foreign investments fears

Is Chinese investment in Australia hurting rather than helping?Foreign investment, from countries like China often plays a key role in boosting various sectors of...
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On the Bride's Side

"On the Bride's Side" is a documentary about the drama of asylum seekers in Europe. Co-director Antonio Augugliaro explains how he was inspired to produce this...
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Short Skin

Duccio Chiarini's movie "Short Skin" is the story of Edo, a young man who has sexual issues. In this interview the Italian director talks about his award winning...

LIFF 2015

Latest news and features from the 2015 Italian Film Festival

LIFF Tips - The Conformist

Bernardo Bertolucci's 1970 Oscar nominated masterpiece will close the 2015 Lavazza Italian Film Festival. A political thriller set in Mussolini's Italy, The Conformist...
A conversation with the Italian film and TV star

LIFF Tips - Italy in a Day

Based on Kevin Macdonald's concept for "Life in a Day", Oscar-winning director Gabriele Salvatores has created a touching mosaic of life in Italy during one day:...

LIFF Tips - Montedoro

After the death of her adoptive parents, an American woman journeys to Montedoro, a remote Italian town in southern Italy, hoping to discover her true origins.
Auteur Ermanno Olmi again demonstrates he is among Italy's most masterful directors, as he evokes the terror of war in this short but stunningly effective and...
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