Italy's Budget and Australia's ASIC

The 2018 Italian Budget and the changes at Australia's ASIC are at the centre of our analysis with UNSW Canberra professor, Massimiliano Tani.
Five Star Movement MP Laura Castelli talks about the Government's proposed new budget.
An absorbing exhibition of 150 still and moving images that invites us to tumble through associations and visual puns, ahistorical couplings and thematic resonances that question how the ordering of artworks affects our interpretation of the world...

Episode 1 Il delitto del tappeto

2006, July 17th, Turin. We are in the middle of the Italian summer, Italy has just won its fourth soccer World Cup and a body is found in a tip, rolled in an old carpet. Find out how a quirky bug expert forensic scientist frees a wrongly accused...
Written and produced by Carlo Oreglia. Narration by Mimmo Mangione. Featuring real life Italian forensic entomologist, Dr Paola Magni.
Daphne Caruana Galizia, a prominent Maltese blogger who made detailed corruption allegations against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's inner circle, was killed by a car bomb. Journalist Patrizio Nissirio reports.
The controversial electoral law has caused division and threatens to alienate Italians abroad. Our political analysis with Deakin University researcher, Matteo Vergani.
Danteatro debuts in Brisbane on the 20th of October. On stage "L'uomo nudo, l'uomo in frac" by Dario Fo and "Il carnevaole degli insetti" by Stefano Benni.
For the 17th edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World, the theater company formed by Italian and Australian actors will perform at Growl Theater in Brisbane. For more information about the shows visit
Living abroad is to be considered a fundamental condition for bringing the claims of Italians outside the national borders to the Italian Parliament? Here are our listeners' opinion.
While the next  elections in Italy are approaching, the country is drafting a new electoral law that has to fit a very divided political landscape. The Parliament recently passed a law proposal including an amendemment that would let Italian...
A recipe by chef Michelangelo Vinci from Siracusa.

A new electoral system

Former centre-right MP, Marco Zacchera, talks about the vote for Italians abroad and the new electoral system.

'The Italian language as a polar star'

Week of the Italian Language in the World 2017, Western Australia.
Italian General Consul, David Balloni, presents all the events programmed in Western Australia for the 17th edition of the Week of the Italian Language in the World; the focus this year is on the relation between language and cinema. 
Our Monday sport segment features Italy's Serie A as well as the A-League, Japan's motogp Grand Prix and Shanghai's tennis Master 1000.
Cesare Battisti will have to wait until October 24 to know whether the extradition made by Italy to Brazil will be accepted.
The request from Italy came after the former leader of the Proletari Armati per il Comunismo group was again arrested but released shortly after, at the border with Bolivia last week.