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25 years independence for Republic of Macedonia. Macedonian flags will be raised on Federations Square in Melbourne on 8th September with a special celebration on the...
From Skopje to Melbourne via Sofia, seeking for better employment skills and opportunities. Whats the next step for Katerina Ivanova Anastasova?

Ile Naumov Interview

Ile Naumov talks about his poetry his new book and the Poetry Competition open to all poets around the world.
An interview with Lidija Docovska Pavlovska a poet from Resen Macedonia re he new book of poetry titled Thus loved Kosara.

The art of writing on icons

Dr Anita Strezova, Historian of Art, specializes in Byzantine art, theology and history, brings us closer to the world of creating and writing on icons.
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30 August – 9 September 2016

Federal Election 2016

All the news, views and analysis from the 2016 federal election campaign trail.

Elex Reax

The election result is not in yet, but, for some, the verdict on whether the double-dissolution election was a good move by the Government appears to be. Prime...

Elex Result Wait

The Liberal-National coalition has put its hopes in pre-poll and postal votes to deliver the majority needed in the House of Representatives to form government. ...

Elex Day 53 Wrap

Days out from the federal election, (july 2) the leaders of the two major political parties are making their final pitches to voters.  In speech to the National...

Election Seats

As the long, cold winter federal-election campaign draws to a close, the latest opinion polls indicate the Coalition is most likely to win the election....

Elex Costing

As the major parties argue over whose budget costings are better ahead of Saturday's election, the shadow of the British exit from the European Union is...
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