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Who do you think you are?

Eight of Australias most respected and recognisable faces follow the trail of their ancestors, striving to make sense of the present by connecting with their familys...
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Melb elections -Su Junxi

Melbourne City Council will be conducting postal elections this October to determine Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and nine councillor positions for the next four...
Prompt payment continues to be one of the biggest issues for small business, despite new technologies making it easier for invoices to be paid. Many small and...

Hot Topic on Oursteps 20160925

Astina from Oursteps, a popular Chinese web forum in Australia, attended one of the sessions of 'Speed date a Muslim'. She recorded and wrote down all her...

Happy Weekend with Ye Xin

Mr Ye Xin is a Chinese writer who has written profusely about "educated youths", drawing from his own experience. Zhou Li interviewed him when he visited Sydney...




周一8:30《正在行动》 邢栋主持
《澳洲政治词典》编撰主持曲盛楠 嘉宾:陈杰博士
时事追踪报道:陈芸 灵光 周骊

Victorian Local Elections will be held on 22 October. The candidates of 78 local councils determined this Tuesday across Victoria. There are many Chinese candidates,...

500m Yahoo accounts hacked in 2014

In 2014 Yahoo believes a "state-sponsored actor" hacked and stole information related to at least 500 million user accounts.
The Ambassador for Alzheimer's Australia, Ita Buttrose, says many pensioners who have Alzheimer's disease are, in her words, "pretty well stuffed" -- in other...

Softpower Guo Interview

Taxpayers are a million dollars out of pocket following the National Gallery's decision to return three stolen sculptures bought from a now disgraced dealer. It's...
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