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Community TVs will go to Web

Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced that community channels across Australia, including Channel 31 in Victoria, will be closed and move...
Home buyers could soon face tougher lending rules as the Reserve Bank of Australia considers ways to rein in the booming housing market and protect the economy....
A new report says the federal government is being short-changed 8-point-4 billion dollars in annual tax revenue - by big business. The report says the country's...
The powers of the domestic spy agency will be substantially ramped up after legislation cleared parliament.
4A has been selected by Art Basel's International Crowdfunding Jury to be part of the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative that supports projects from non-profit...



Australian and international news and current affairs

A unique program that helps international students gain work experience, make friends and connect with their community won first prize at an education awards ceremony...
The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has opened the first of what's hoped to be a series of major exhibitions at the birthplace of Winston Churchill.
The Hong Kong government has cancelled fireworks for China's national day holiday (Wed 1 Oct) in response to growing protests. Tens of thousands of pro-democracy...
The United States has diagnosed its first case of the deadly Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.
SBS journalist Kathy Novak reports from Hong Kong.
Interactively explore the ABS' 2011 Census data

Take a look at the statistics behind the Australians who speak your language, or find a particular place, and compare them with the nation's figures, another language group, or another place.