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Guansheng(Victor) Zhang is the One Nation candidate of Toohey. He will participate the election held on this Saturday.
Victor Zhang was born in China. He first arrived in Australia in 2005 as an international student. Now he is a bus operator and a father of three daughters. He told us, he will listen to people and try his best to do some change. He also hopes...
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Beijing Kindergarten Scandal

An interview with two Chinese parents concerning the recently child-abuse scandal in Beijing's Red Yellow Blue kindergarten.
A refugee advocate has been awarded a top business prize for her work helping new arrivals get jobs and resettle in Australia. The winner was announced at the Telstra Business Woman of the Year annual ceremony. Peggy Giakoumelos reports.
'I never said there are bad Asians". Independent candidate Ms Shan-Ju Lin from Queensland talked to SBS Mandarin about her campaign in Ipswich. She said :"Being out from One Nation helped me gain more support".
Do you know the famous Chinese song "Working hard can be win (Ai pin cai hui ying)" that shows the industrious character of Fujianese?
Penny Wong Interview in Bennelong
Australian homes shrinking in size as apartment development rises
Interview Liberal Candidate John Alexander Final Mix
Chinese Play giving hope to cancer patients
Immigration Law specialist Kin Wee Chua and court interpreter Biyi Fang talk about how to identify genuine immigration agents and avoid to be cheated for money. 
People with concern may visit the website of Migration Agent Registration Authority on, there is Chinese information available.

Visa Scams3 Domestic Violence?

Lawyer Daniel Shen, Immigration Law specialist Kin Wee Chua and court interpreter Biyi Fang talk about how people cheat for resident visas by abusing the government recent policy on domestic violence.

Happy Weekend: I am a Voice Artist

Zhengjun Hu is a voice over artist from China. He is starting a voice training class, helping teachers, broadcasters, anchors and other professionals who overuse their voice.
Sydney’s lawyer Daniel Shen and Melbourne immigration law specialist, Kin Wee Chua and court interpreter Biyi Fang explain how fake marriages were developed in underground market.