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Silk Road Partnership

A partnership to combatting land degration and climate change was officially announced today in Sydney jointly by the UNCCD and the China Elion Foundation at the 6th...
Queensland's police commissioner says he'll support an inquiry after yet another fatal police shooting, but it's up to the government to initiate one.
The Ebola epidemic, destruction of European bee colonies and wheat disease are just some of the future threats facing Australia’s biosecurity, according to a new...
Mining heiress Gina Rinehart says too much government regulation is hurting Australians, small businesses and the economy.
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周一8:30《正在行动》 邢栋主持
《澳洲政治词典》编撰主持曲盛楠 嘉宾:陈杰博士
时事追踪报道:陈芸 灵光 周骊

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says no public sector - including the ABC and SBS - is exempt from the search for savings.

Marty talk about the VIC election

Marty talk about the VIC election to SBS Mandarin program. Lucy has more.
The bosses of SBS and the ABC have addressed staff today to explain 307 million dollars worth of funding cuts - 13 months after a firm election-eve promise from...
Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie's [JAK-ee LAM-bee's] decision to leave the Palmer United Party (PUP) and sit as an independent will make life harder for the...
Former undersecretary of defence Michele Flournoy could become America's first female defence secretary, after Chuck Hagel's resignation.
Interactively explore the ABS' 2011 Census data

Take a look at the statistics behind the Australians who speak your language, or find a particular place, and compare them with the nation's figures, another language group, or another place.

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