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Latest in Nepali radio

Latest in Nepali Radio

Protecting privacy in digital age

With the increasing use of mobile phones and social media, will it be possible to keep our personal information private?

Islamic state now in Bangladesh?

Cricket Australia recently canceled Australia's cricket tour of Bangladesh citing the country's security situation. With two foreign nationals being allegedly...
Is there an oversupply of apartments in Sydney? Will this lead to fall in property prices in the city? Is Melbourne in similar situation? Fianance adviser Bishwas...
In 2013 Som Tamang was awarded the "Pride of Australia" medal for his work in helping kids in Nepal. Speaking to SBS Nepali, Tamang spoke about his childhood, one...

"Australia respects women"

With 63 women already killed this year by their former partner, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced 100 million dollar package to tackle domestic...
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