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Latest in Norwegian radio

Latest in Norwegian Radio

Duterte might be the only politician raising more eyebrows in international headlines than Donald Trump, as he has started a bloody war against drug dealers that has...

The Scanlon Survey Explained

Australia's biggest survey on migrants' experience in the country has been all over the new this week. We give you the resuslts - and expain to you what they mean.

News from Norway

News and sport from Norway 25 August 2016One of the most talked about cases in Norway in August has been a case where three men who were prosecuted for rape have...
Friends, family and Prime Minsiter Malcolm Turnbull received Australia's olympic team this week. SBS Norwegian with the story.
Ida Marie Blunck Moe just won the job as leader of the Association for Norwegian Students Abroad in Sydney. We gave her a call to ask how she got the job, and...
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