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Our need for language learning

Australia is more multicultural than ever.But the number of us learning languages is falling, with schools teaching less language classes than before. 

Retracing the Rabbit Proof Fence

In the name of reconciliation, Sarah Hyde is walking in the footsteps of Mollie, Gracie and Daisy along the Rabbit Proof Fence.
The Rabbit Proof Fence is the world’s longest fence - at roughly 2,400 kms long, it runs from south to north in Western Australia and was built to keep rabbits and other vermin out of Western Australia....
Arbeiderpartiet og Sosialistisk venstreparti wants to create more and new jobs in Norway.  
Amongst the various discussions emerging since the federal government's announcement of a plebiscite on gay marriage is how younger Australians will react to it. 
They've become especially piquant since the conventional plebiscite proposal was blocked again in parliament, meaning the ballot will now take place via the post. That's put the spotlight not only on the method of voting, but on the broader issu...
The United States defence secretary has warned North Korea it is risking the destruction of its people, saying it is ''grossly" outmatched in any conflict between the two countries.
The comments by Jim Mattis come as US secretary of state Rex Tillerson has tried to calm fears over the crisis. North Korea says it will complete plans to attack waters near Guam by mid-August and will await its commander-in-chief's order.  
Kyrre's reason to stand on the starting line-up of the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon returns to the same event that led to his choice to travel to Australia to study.
Young people are living with their parents longer; those that aren't are suffering greater mortgage stress.
The trends are showing in the latest Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia national survey. The University of Melbourne survey has been running since 2001 and follows the same group of people to assess how their lives are changing. ...
The latest NAPLAN test results show Australian schools are in something of a writing slump.  
Literacy and numeracy tests for students in grades 3, 5, 7 and 9 have shown little improvement over the past decade. States and territories have received the preliminary results for this year's round of NAPLAN examinations. Nationally, there ha...
New research shows the vast majority of Australians now favour marriage equality, with the numbers shifting dramatically over the past decade.  
It comes as debate again flares over the issue and threatens to cause a divide within the Federal Government.  
China's Communist Party has asked its approximately 90 million members to quit their religion and be what they call "firm Marxist atheists" - or face punishment.
The head of the government's religion office, Wang Zuo'an, says foreign forces have used religion to infiltrate China. It follows a boom in followers to Christianity, many of whom worship in illegal 'house' churches to evade authorities.  
Sweden has announced it will hold a new military excersise featuring 19.000 soldiers, many NATO members. Why? Sivert called James Der Derian from the University of Sydney.
Both Miljøpartiet De Grønne and Senterpartiet have food as one of their fan cases before the fall's parliamentary elections.  

Interview with Human Rights Watch

Norway receives a dose of tough love from HRW.

A "Norwegian option" for the UK?

The news keeps talking about a Norwegian option for Britain and the EU. But what exactly is it? And how did Norway end up with its privileged position within the EU? Sivert called author and Professor Simon Tormey (who turns out to be British)...
Both Australians and Norwegians are becoming more secular societies. Sivert called Carole Cusack , professor of religious at Sydney University to find out why.