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What is a standard drinK

Australia is huge country. A country, full of interesting things. In this weekly segment, we review some interesting facts about an aspect of the country.  
The new governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia says interest rates could be cut again. Dr Philip Lowe (lo) has outlined what he calls his "fundamentally...
Australia is to take refugees from Central America as part of a US-led program, and stick to its plan to increase overall its humanitarian resettlement numbers in...
Australian Muslim community leaders have condemned Pauline Hanson's maiden Senate speech, comparing her rhetoric with that of extremist groups such as I-S. Last...

Tech News - Part 175

This is a weekly segment about new science and technology updates.  
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How to...

How to do things in Australia

Stroke requires urgent help

September 12 to 18 is National Stroke Week and were urged to think FAST and act fast as soon as we notice signs of stroke.  
How do we do some things in Australia? How to apply for a job? How to get a driving license in Australia? How to buy a house? How to sell a property in Australia?...

Free English classes for migrants

Learning to speak and write English is a key skill for migrants to Australia.  The federal government encourages adult literacy education across the country,...

Dementia care for migrants

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing and yet Alzheimers Australia predicts by mid-century almost a million people will be living with the illness. ...

AFL embraces diversity

Whether its watching matches, playing on the field or supporting their favourite players, many migrants in Australia are embracing AFL. Reflecting our...
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