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We will talk about the transfer of documents from "PILECKI PROJECT" to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN in Warsaw.







Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

Anna Wójt, the main coordinator of Australijskie Forum Liderów Biznesu (AFLB) in Australia, invites to the next event organised by Forum.   
This year, 190-thousand people will migrate to Australia permanently. About two-thirds of those will be skilled migrants, many with successful careers overseas....
The research shows a 20 per cent tax on sugary beverages would raise 460 million dollars for healthcare and lead to 8-thousand fewer cases of diabetes over 25 years

Historian on the Warsaw Uprising

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 - a heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate World War II Warsaw from Nazi/German occupation. The uprisings failure allowed the...

Ewa Borucka 101 Birthday

Ewa Borucka 101st Birthday
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