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Can didgeridoo heal?

We will talk to dr Łukasz Smoluch from University in Poznań.





Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

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Izabela Jablonska and Jacek Sokolowski, coordinator of volunteers in the Australian Multicultural Community Services in Maidstone are sharing the idea of volunteering.

The Rise of Superbugs

Before the advent of antibiotics 70 years ago, an infected paper cut could mean a death sentence. Drugs revolutionized medicine; life-threatening infections could...

Inside the Terror

Rozmowa z historykiem I publicysta Tadeuszem Płużańskim o oprawcach stalinowskich.  

Young Poles in Australia

Why does Australia remain a very attractive place to live for the generation of young Poles coming here from other countries? his views shares Adrian Palczewski...
Profesor Seweryn Ozdowski z okazji Dnia Australii został uhonorowany Orderem Australii za swoja pracę naukową I spoleczną głównie za edukację o prawach czlowieka....

Entertainment and Arts

Stories about film, exhibitions and music.

"Fly Guardian"

Kristof Kaczmerek from "Exit" Theatre talks about a two-act drama FLY GUARDIAN written by an accomplished Polish playwrighter and script writer, Radoslaw Figura.Cast...

Paul Cox

The famous Australian director Paul Cox talks recounts his dramatic twist of fate... Joanna Todisco was at the meeting with the director at South Melbourne Town...

Film "Steve Jobs"

Review by J.Borkowska-Surucic and E.Chylewska.

Film "Daddy`s home"

Review by Joanna Borkowska - Surucic i Ela Chylewska. 

Film "Joy"

Review by J.Borkowska-Surucic and E.Chylewska.
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