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Do you really know the beauty of Poland?



Latest in Polish radio

Latest in Polish Radio

"Poland South - North in 30 Days"

Book author and traveler Piotr Sokolowski talks about his amazing journey on foot through Poland.
How does trans-culture influence our behavior and relationships. Does a different culture make you a better spouse? Answers psychologist Ewa Geba .
Scrutinise each countries' climate change pledge in the lead up to the #Paris2015 climate summit. Is your country doing enough?

Week in Poland

Przemyslaw Przybylski`s report from Warsaw. Week ending 22nd of November.

Film "Spectre"

Movie review by J.Borkowska Surucic and E. Chylewska.

Entertainment and Arts

Stories about film, exhibitions and music.

Winner of our Most Popular photo at Fed Square Polish Festival. Please contact us for your hamper - 02 9430 2841 or

Radio SBS at Polish Festival

Please come to visit SBS Radio marquee at the Polish Festival @ Fed Square, on 15 November. 
Sekcja literatury PolArt 2015 przygotowuje zbiór prozy I poezji autorów polonijnych. Książka będzie już dostępna na stoisku PolArt w czasie Festiwalu na...
Director Olimpia Niewiadomska talks about the latest production.

Film: Bridge of Spies

Movie review by Joanna Borkowska-Surucic and Ela Chylewska.
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