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Latest in Punjabi radio

Latest in Punjabi Radio

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Oz Lotto has released the name of the news agency that sold the winning ticket, hoping to be able to locate the winner.
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A Cambridge House aged care manager and nurse Abha Anuradha Kumar is under investigation after she she was named as the sole beneficiary in the $900,000 will of a...
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The commission found that driver Hitender Kumar was denied natural justice by the Indian consulate in dismissing him.
Dr Charanpreet Singh's PhD work explored a novel bio-inspired approach for designing artificial blood vessel implants known as stent-grafts. The design was...
Here is our weekly Pakistan news diary brought to you by Masood Mallhi.

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Meet the SBS Punjabi team

Shamsher Kainth

My endeavor is to bring Punjab to the Punjabis and strengthen their voice by bringing the most accurate and unbiased news stories and the account of events that matter...

Manpreet Kaur Singh

Executive Producer: ...

Preetinder Singh Grewal

In a very short span of time, Preetinder has earned the reputation of a popular radio broadcaster. He is currently in a transition phase from a Cancer Research...

MP Singh

Preeti McCarthy

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