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This February Diana Arbenina - the musician and leader of Night Snipers will step on to Australian stage to celebrate ra beautiful and difficult anniversary - 20 years of performing. We caught up with her before these concerts

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  • Dozens of Russian community supporters came to greet Fedor

  • Fedor is ready to step onto Australian land

  • A lucky man proudly wears the sponsor's t-shirt

  • People from the Russian community brought national flagsand drinks to greet Fr Fedor

  • Russian supporters greeted Fedor as a real hero with flowers, welcome bread and slogans

  • Russians and local Australians wait for the traveler

  • Standing close to the legend

  • Strict and serious Australian Customs

  • The boat's approach was met by whistles and shouts supporting Fedor

  • The joy and happiness of family members was overwhelming


3 Feb 2015

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