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Latest in Sinhalese radio

Latest in Sinhalese Radio

10 things to know about the census

The 2016 census is on August 9. Run every five years, the census identifies key characteristics of the population to help plan for the country’s future. This year the...
In this month SBS Sinhalese reviewed the literary bond between the world famous Bertolt Brechts The Caucasian chalk circle and the Sinhala drama Hunuwataye...
SBS monthly discussion Vinivida focuses on 2016 Australian Census.
High-speed rail possibilities are still being discussed, options include Japan’s SCMaglev, France’s TGV and China Railway High-speed. A train going 350 kilometres...
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) expects to count twenty-four million people from more than two hundred countries speaking over three hundred languages
SBS National Languages Competition

20 June - 29 July 2016

Australian General Election 2016

All the news, views and analysis from the 2016 federal election campaign trail.

There is much speculation just now about whether Australia is about to lose its AAA credit rating . What exactly is this rating, where does it come from and does it...
With Labor claiming the South Australian seat of Hindmarsh on Wednesday, only the fate of the Queensland electorate of Herbert is unresolved. But Ewen Jones, who...
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing the first hurdles of his renewed prime ministership. SBS Sinhalese brings you more details in this feature 
He has to get a budget through a more fractured Senate at a time when global rating agencies are watching its progress and threatening to cut the nation's coveted...
Senator Sinodinos said whatever the cabinet decided to do about Medicare had to be looked at in terms of the overall budget because there's no blank cheque.
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