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Latest in Sinhalese radio

Latest in Sinhalese Radio

Well-known lyrist, Mr Ravi Siriwardhana explains the true meaning of one of his lyrics based on true story which has been sung by vocalist Krishatha Erandaka.  
Weekly Sri Lankan political highlights - The comprehensive wrap up of the highlighted political incidents in Sri Lanka…..Mr Sanjeewa Edirimanna - Journalist - ...
A new website will help traumatised refugee men overcome the stigma associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and encourage them to seek help.Dr...
Contributor to the SBS Sinhalese program from Queensland Mr Janaka Weerasinghe talks about the beauty of the Murray River bank in the south Australian end....
In this weeks SBS Sinhalese sports wrap…. Sri Lanka cricket teams preparation for England tour, Kaushal Silvas latest situation after being hit on head by ball...
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When a federal government can’t pass its legislation through both houses of parliament, Australia’s Constitution allows for a special mechanism that can disrupt the...

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