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Latest in Sinhalese radio

Latest in Sinhalese Radio

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"...අතවරයට පත් පාසල් දැරියන්ගෙන් වැඩිපිරිසක් ගොදුරු බවට පත්ව ඇත්තේ ඔවුන්ගේ ඥාතීන්ගෙන් හා ගුරුවරුන්ගෙන්. මෙය කණගාටුදායක තත්ත්වයක්. මේ නිසාම දරු දැරියන්ට සිදුවන අතරවර...
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Settleme Guide provides you the important information that you should know when you plan to settle down in Australia.... There are strict rules to follow in...
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Who is a Global Citizen?

A chat with Sakunika Amarasinghe, a participant from Sri Lanka at Global Citizenship institute
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Australians have to return to the "be alert but not alarmed" mentality, senior members of the government have warned, following several major terrorist-related...
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SBS Sinhalese discuss with Dr Nadun Bandara (GP - Melbourne) about hearing and hearing loss.  
SBS National Languages Competition 2017

The SBS National Languages Competition 2017 is an exciting initiative to encourage and celebrate a love of learning languages in Australia. Find out how you can be involved! 


News from the world of sport

Summary of the SL - India Test Series, Arjuna requested to resign SL Cricket chief, SL Squad for ODI and T20 against India, Sri Lanka cricket team tour of...