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Latest in Slovenian radio

Latest in Slovenian Radio

Mihaela Kovačič moved to Melbourne just a few months ago. After two years of research about life in Australia and endless paperwork, she and her husband finally make a...

“We speak Slovenian at home!”

Mateja Paradiz has been living in Australia for nearly nine years. She shares her experience and highlights the pros and the cons. Whereas, Tina Hodnik is a true...
Australia's 17th national census is set to take place on Tuesday, August the 9th, and, for the first time, most people will complete it online.The Australian...
On the first Sunday in July at the Slovenian religious and cultural centre in Kew, the 8th reunion of Australia Slovenian musicians took place. In this feature,...

What's new about 2016's Census

There are some major changes in the 2016 national census which Australians will complete on the 9th of August. Aside from being the first digitally-focused census...
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