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Abdirahman Kulmiye Hersi is minister of state for transport and civil aviation of Somalia.     He is currently visiting Australia and SBS Somali spoke to him about range of issues.
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The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released the results of the 2016 census.      It revealed an Australia that is bigger, older, more diverse, less religious and becoming more Asian.   
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The latest census shows one in three Australians identify with no religion.     It marks a big change from the 1960s, when as many as 88 per cent identified as Christians.   
Marriam Issa is an author of "the resilient life" and refugee advocate.    She talk to SBS about being refugee in one of the most affluent suburbs in Melbourne 20 years ago.
Pauline Hanson is facing a barrage of criticism for her comments yesterday about children with autism.   She has refused to back down from her suggestion that some children with autism should be segregated from mainstream classrooms.
Kenyan-born independent Lucy Gichuhi gave her first speech at the parliament.     And in the speech, she said she will fight for education, the elderly.
The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre says Australia could easily triple its humanitarian and refugee intake.   The remarks come as events have been held across the country to mark World Refugee Day.
The Federal Government is bracing for a fight with Labor over its proposed changes to citizenship laws.    The Labor party room has unanimously agreed to oppose the changes, 
The Prime Minister says he was making fun of himself in a speech at an off-the-record media event.    Leaked video of Malcolm Turnbull appearing to impersonate the United States President .  
The Turnbull Government has revealed details of its proposed revamp of Australia's citizenship test.     If passed, it would require aspiring citizens to sit a more challenging English language exam.
Driving in Australia with foreign license.    How to convert overseas license to Australian.