Dr Abdiwali Ali Gas is Puntland president and former Somali PM.   He spoke to SBS about range of Issues affecting Puntland

Kenyata and Farmajo met in Nairobi

Presidents of Somalia and Kenya met in Nairobi ahead of IGAD summit.    The 2 president signed range agreements between the two neighboring countries including security and trade.   
British police have named a British-born man as the person behind deadly Westminster attack in London.    Khalid Masood killed four people and injured almost 40 others. .
Victoria police has released images after the murder of Somali Taxi driver year ago.  Police have asked the witness to come forward.  We spoke to the father of the slain young man who was present at police briefing.   [facebook_video video="1475916609147137"]  
Amina Mohamud Warsame is leading international researcher and advocate against FGM.   She is key speaker at a Melbourne conference om FGM   We spoke to her about the progress made in fighting FGM in Somalia  
Dr Vivian Gerrand is the Author of "Possible Spaces of Somali Belonging" A book that  explores the settlement issues of Somali diaspora in Italy and Australia.  SBS Somali spoke to Dr Vivian Gerrand about the book.
Ahmed Mohamud works as African Liaison Officer at Maribyrnong College     He acts as bridge between parents, teachers and student from Somalia.
As Somali Prime minster announces his new cabinet after long wait, we ask some of the community members about the selection.   We spoke Elmi Farah Webi and Sharmaake Farah.
The health of your mouth often reflects and can have an impact on the state of the rest of your body.   Dental care is expensive in Australia, but there are ways to bring down the costs.
NSW education department is investigating claims made by a former teacher at a western Sydney school.   The woman says in 2014 students showed signs of being lured by groups like the so-called Islamic State.
European court has ruled workplace bans on headscarves, are not necessarily discrimination.   There has been a mixed reaction to the ruling across European.   
Pirates release the hijacked oil tanker off the coast of Somalia. This came after naval forces traded fire with men trying to ferry supplies to a hijackers.  We spoke to a reporter in Garowe, the capital of Puntland

Drought efforts in Somalia

The latest new on Somali drought fighting efforts.   Somali drought committee released their latest fund raising
Members of Somali women given piece of land to grow their own vegetable in Melbourne west.    We spoke to Fadumo Fagare who is one of the ladies involved in this project organized AMES Australia.