Refugee issues and causes of migration, and how to prevent it  
The citizenship crisis that has swept through the nation's parliament may be set to claim another victim
migrants have been forced overboard from boats by people smugglers in two days off the south coast of Yemen,
Tension between US and North Korea could lead to a 'catastrophe'
Rising Homelesness in Australia
Wajir Deputy Governor's Candidate Ahmed Ali Weerar (with the Governor) have anounced their win
Election of Kenya . Kamukunji area . In Nairobi.
Kenyan election , in particular, North Eastern area (Somali region)
waa riwaayad arimaha buufiska diirada saaraysa
An asylum-seeker has been found dead on Manus Island
did the clan destroyed Somalia, or the clan was the victim
Somali Heritage and Culture in Somali's house and its material
Australian Government Planning to changes the Citizenship Act this year, those changes were met with considerable criticism.

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