This week's news analysis with Sharmaake Farah and Omar Dholawaa.    Topics Discussed in this interview are Somali election, Trump Inauguration, and gang rape of young Somali girl.

Rajo Film Festival Interviews

First Somali film festival will be held in Perth, WA.     SBS Somali spoke to organizers of the festival, Itisan and Kawsar and actor and director Liiban Cagmadhige from UK.  
Somali forces and AMISOM accused of withdrawing towns after they capture from Al_Shabaab.    This cames after few towns were lost to Al-Shabaab when the AMISOM and Somali forces withdrew.  
European Union nations are calling for unity, following comments from US President-elect Donald Trump.   In an interview Mr Trump said he believes NATO is "obsolete" and more EU member states would leave the bloc. 
A Sydney mayor has been accused of anti-Semitism after comments he made about Israel's occupation of the West Bank.   The Mayor of Mosman declined an invitation to a Jewish community event, but denies allegations he was boycotting the event over...
Afhayeenka Gudiga Doorashada dadban maxamed keynaan oo wareysi gaar ah siiyey SBS Somali Ayaa sheegay in hawshooda ay gabaga tahay.halkan ka dhageyso wareysigaas oo dhameytirinSBS Somali Mlebourne Australia
Gudoomiyaha baarlamanka 100aad ee somaliya maxamed sh Cusmna jawaari oo wareysi gaar ah siiyey SBS Somali Ayaa sheegay in gudi ay sameeyeen oo soo diyaarindoono qabsoomida doorashada madaxweyne wareysi dhameytiran halkan ka dhageyso
East Timor has thrown out an oil and gas treaty with Australia,  The controversial treaty covered lucrative oil fields in the Timor Sea worth billions of dollars.  This was at the centre of spying allegations. 
Members of Puntland diaspora has elected Maslax Guure as their chairman.   This is despite an other group from Puntalnd Diaspora choosing an other chair.
As Somali prepares for election, the number of diaspora seeking to join the process has been on the rise.   Among them are Somali Australians and Qaalid Mohamud has tried to become a member of parliament.  He talked to SBS about his experience.
The Australian government is trying to restore military ties with Indonesia.   The army is investigating a complaint by an Indonesian special forces officer, who was offended by training materials at an Australian base. 
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has upheld a federal government decision to withdraw funding from Sydney's Malek Fahd Islamic School.    The government revoked funding last year, after a review found the school was operating "for profit"   
Heritage institute has released a report on Gaakacyo conflict and possible solutions.   Director of the institute is Abdirashid Hashi and He spoke to SBS Somali about their findings.  
Doorashada Baarlamanka Somaliya ayaa dhacaysa Maalinta Talaadada 11 bisha january iyo maalinta xigta ee Arbacada oo ladoorandoono kuxigeenada hadaba yaa mudan in xilkaas uu qabto ? waxaan ka wareysanay general catoosh
Abdirashid Hashi is the Executive Director of Heritage Institute based in Mogadishu.   He says the international community is partially to blame the current electoral process malpractice underway in Somalia.