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Latest in Swahili radio

Latest in Swahili Radio

On the eve of Pope Francis's first visit to Kenya, SBS Swahili spoke with the Secretary General of Kenya Episcopal Conference Fr Daniel Ronoh. One of the questions we...
On the eve of Pope Francis's first visit to Kenya, SBS Swahili spoke with Mr George Musamali, a security and counter terrorism expert. He spoke about some of the...
Scrutinise each countries' climate change pledge in the lead up to the #Paris2015 climate summit. Is your country doing enough?
SBS Swahili spoke with Ms Raisa Ochola, who won an award for her contribution to the arts at the Celebration of African Australians awards in Brisbane, Queensland...
SBS Swahili spoke with Mr Albert Mwangi, the Business Development Director of CYALA, an organisation which aims to Drive social and economic change across the...
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Australia’s only free food channel serves up a 24/7 menu of everyday food inspiration on channel 33. Let the culinary adventures begin!

40 years of SBS Radio

SBS Radio celebrates 40 years of broadcasting to all Australians. Listen to our special features here

Future Hopes: Employment

Australia's jobs are undergoing major changes.The recent slowdown of the mining boom, demographic shift towards aging population and construction boom are key factors...
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