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Latest in Swedish radio

Latest in Swedish Radio

Missbruket av Nordiska Symboler

Bruse Persson är ordförande för Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige. Han är kritisk till att Forn- Nordiska symboler som tex Tyrrunan , används av extremister men att även...
The Swedish economy is doing well and there are many winners in the Governments autumn budget proposal. Health, defence, the police and the judicial system get...
SBS Journalist from the Norwegian Program Frank Mathisen talks to Danish Ambassador to Australia, Tom Norling about Scandinavians, and why the Scandinavian...
The Conservative coalition has cracks in their unity and the morale is low. Many voters participated in the 2017 Church election where party politics won. Swedens...
Why Swedish dads are more engaged in parenting than their Aussie counterparts.
SBS announces changes to its radio services

SBS Radio today announced changes to its services to reflect Australia’s rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society.