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Latest in Swedish radio

Latest in Swedish Radio

National Volunteer Week - Berith Öström has been working as volunteer for four years at the Swedish Church in Melbourne and shares her experience as a volunteer and...
Things are looking up on the Swedish job market, more jobs and less unemployment. A new forecast from the Swedish Employment Agency indicates that employment...
After the terror attack in central Stockholm in April, what is happening with the arrested Uzbekistan man Rakhmat Arkilov. Sweden takes more precautions to...

Svensk film vinner i Cannes

Sverige hotas av torka , Ny flagg dag för Svenska krigs veteraner, Ruben Östlund vinner i Cannes.
Den kända kultur journalisten Ulrika Knutson var endast en liten flicka, när hon var med i ett radio program med Gösta Knutsson. Mannen som skapade PelleSvanlös...
The Family Law is now streaming On Demand

Watch the lovable Laws - anytime, anywhere. #TheFamilyLaw now on SBS OnDemand. Also available in Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean