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Irwin Victoria was selected in Top 10 contestant of Vijay TV's Super Singer session 5 and he is waiting for his wild card round to enter finals. Irwin who has lost...
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“My son is innocent”

Mrs Vetrivel Somini, mother of Murugan who was convicted in Rajiv Gandhi murder case, spoke to raysel on her efforts in collecting a million signature requesting...
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Pammal Sambandham (1873-1964)

Pammal Sambandham has been described as "the founding father of modern Tamil theatre", was a playwright, director, producer and actor of the late nineteenth- and...
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The ACT's Chief Minister has joined the Victorian Premier and Queensland in offering sanctuary for asylum seekers facing deportation to Nauru. The offers come...
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Focus: Sri Lanka

Mathivaanan, our correspondent in Sri Lanka, compiled a report focusing on major events/news in North & East / Sri Lanka.  
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