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Empowering Women

Abhrami Karthik and Dr Prema talk to Kulasegaram Sanchayan about an initiative they are involved in – Fempowerment, a program which gives support and advice to women.
As at 24 November 2017 there were 13 Senators and federal MPs who were under constitutional question under Section 44 of the Constitution. Currently there will be...
The three-week standoff at the former Manus detention centre has been broken after refugees inside reluctantly decided to leave amid accusations of violence...

Focus: Sri Lanka

Mathivaanan, our correspondent in Sri Lanka, compiled a report focusing on major events/news in North & East / Sri Lanka.     

Australian News 24/11/2017

Australian news bulletin aired on Friday 24 November 2017 at 8pm.Read by Kulasegaram Sanchayan.