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Latest in Thai radio

Latest in Thai Radio

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This years Federal Budget is expected to be a strong focus on families and businesses. What do parents and businesses hope for from the governments budget to be...
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Miya Pittaya, Migration Project Officer of Scarlet Alliance, explained about useful information for Thais and migrants working in sex industry in Australia. 
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The next generation of Australians could well be the first not to enjoy a better lifestyle than those before them. A new report suggests home ownership is...
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How 'ethical" are your clothes?

A new fashion report card has seen many Australian retailers given an "F" when it comes to ethical clothes production. 
As home ownership remains elusive for many Australians, could smaller, smarter homes be the answer to the housing affordability crisis? 

Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

For many migrants ANZAC Day symbolises soldiers wearing a slouch hats who fought in the fields of Gallipoli in 1915 But over the last one hundred years this image has...
Finding a job is rather challenging, especially for young people from a culturally diverse background. What are the main difficulties they are facing and what...
There are currently around 330,000 international students studying in Australia. One of the competitive advantages Australia has over other countries is the right...
What should international students be aware when working in Australia? What are their rights at work? How much should they be paid? If they are exploited by...
In Australia, 90 per cent of eligible students take up a loan to pay for university study. The federal government administers different loans schemes to assist...
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