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Latest in Urdu radio

Latest in Urdu Radio

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Rohingya people are a stateless Indo-Aryan people from Rakhine State fleeing from Rakhine state of Myanmar. Community groups in Australia are working together to show...
Newly added
Dr. Ali Sarfaraz, president of the Kashmir council in Australia highlighted the Kashmir issue terming it as bone of contention between Pakistan and India. He...
Did you know the Urdu language community has grown during the past five years? The number of people who speak Urdu at home has increased from 36836 to 69293 in...

Saawan for Oscar

It is official now. Saawan is in Oscar race as Pakistan chooses the movie for Oscar submission. It still has to go through a process of shortlisting before...

Yes or NO: What do you think?

Both sides of the same-sex marriage debate have launched their official campaigns. On the "yes" side, there were celebrities hugging post boxes, sports stars past...
SBS announces changes to its radio services

SBS Radio today announced changes to its services to reflect Australia’s rapidly changing and increasingly diverse society.

Settlement Guide

We're talking about life and issues that affect you in settling in Australia.

Do you know how to do your taxes and what you can claim as a tax deduction?
You might be surprised that the majority of overdoses in Australia are from prescription medications, not illegal drugs
No matter if it is a major vehicle accident or a scratched bumper bar, there are strict rules about what to do after a traffic mishap
The majority of Australians say they are willing to donate organs and tissues after their death, but they haven't taken all the steps to do it.
There's a growing need for families to give foster children loving and safe homes. And carers from culturally diverse backgrounds are also in high demand.