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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has used World Children's Day to publish findings of children’s views around the world in what it's calling the most comprehensive poll of its kind ever conducted. It highlights the fact that children's...

Death in Custody

At least there are 13 people have been died while they are held in the hands of the police in Vietnam.
 Australia is facing calls to withdraw funding to Cambodia, after the country's Supreme Court unanimously dissolved its main opposition party. The 118 opposition party members will also be banned from politics for the next five years The...
Robert Mugabe has addressed Zimbabweans in a televised speech, pledging to preside over the ruling party's upcoming congress in December.
A Northern Territory royal commission has recommended the closure of Darwin's notorious Don Dale Detention Centre, raising the age of criminal responsibility and ending long periods of isolation and restraint for child inmates.The final report of...
There are growing demands for food delivery services to improve safety training standards for its couriers.
Cyclists have been captured on security videos breaking the law, at times unknowingly, in Sydney.
Not all of the refugees living on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island want to leave.
A small number have settled there and one of them is pleading with the government to give him citizenship to stay with his young family.
Conservative Turnbull government MPs are pushing to enshrine overarching religious protections and parental rights into same-sex marriage laws.  
They warn the measures are necessary to avoid turning people who are opposed to the traditional definition of marriage into a persecuted minority.
Chi Le from La Trobe university won 2 prestigious awards: International Student of the Year Award-Regional , and Premier 's Award at the 5th VIE Awards.

Bolero Songs (30)

Hiếm hoi hai bài Bolero của Vũ Thành An và Phạm Thành Chương. Vào một đêm khuya với Nữa Hồn thương đau cùng bài Không Tên, hai nhạc sĩ tài hoa lạc vào khu rừng mật ngọt Bolero và để lại cho đời mỗi người một bài Bolero xuất sắc.
Xóm Đêm của Phạm Thành Chương và Đêm Say của Vũ Thành An là hai bài Bolero hiếm hoi của hai nhạc sĩ tài hoa này. Phạm Đình Chương từng là giọng nhạc reo vui với Ly Rựơu Mừng, Mười Thương, Bài Ca Tuổi Trẻ, Ca Ngợi Tình Yêu, Đêm Màu Hồng để rồi qua...

Asia Today (17/11/2017)

Leaders of Southeast Asian nations grappled with pressing regional issues during a two-day summit in the Philippine capital. 
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Australia Review (18/11/2017)

Debate on a bill to legalise same-sex marriage has begun in the Senate as Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten push to change the Marriage Act before parliament rises for Christmas.
A prenuptial agreement is essential to protect property of both parties, but it could be torn up based on unconscionable conduct.

Vietnam Review (18/11/2017)

3 months fine to stop issuing of Electronic Journal Manager and the limits that press in Vietnam should comply.
Nguyen Tuong Thuy, deputy chairman of the Association of Independent Journalists in Vietnam, said that in addition to the law, arbitrarily and ambiguous things may apply. About the appeal trial of blogger Mother Mushroom, Mrs Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan...
Twenty countries including New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada, have joined a new global alliance pledging to quickly phase out coal. The launch of the alliance at the UN climate talks in Bonn highlights how Australia's continued support...