The World at 7 Billion

The world population at seven billion is both a great opportunity and a great challenge. There's never been so many amazing stories to share and celebrate. But there's also never been so many urgent issues that affect all of us. It's why SBS is partnering with the United Nations 7 Billion Actions, a global movement that shows how small actions can have exponential results. It's about individuals and organisations coming together to share ideas and inspire change. Explore the actions already being taken by these organisations and find out how your actions can make a real difference.


Take action on Facebook or Twitter. Join the global conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #7Billion.

What you can do

Visit the UN's 7 Billion Actions site and tell the world how you are making a positive impact in your local community.

Get Involved

  • Community Voicemail

    Poverty and Inequality: Breaking the Cycle

    Community Voice Mail is a simple and powerful answer to inequality and stereotyping throughout the United States, providing free voice messaging services for the poor or homeless. It is particularly useful in helping homeless people find a job, as it avoids the stigma of an employer contacting an applicant at a homeless shelter. In 2009, Community Voice Mail served 43,000 households and over 57,000 individuals with voice messaging support.

  • Micro-Loans for Women

    Women and Girls: Empowerment and Progress

    In much of the developing world, deeply engrained, patriarchal beliefs about a woman's worth systematically block what limited opportunities are available to them. Through the distribution of small loans, ACCION seeks to bring economic empowerment to millions of entrepreneurs who need it most. The long-term goal is to make it commonplace for impoverished women to take their livelihoods into their own hands.

  • The Girl Effect

    Young People: Forging the Future

    At the age of 12 girls in Africa are at a vital crossroads. Many drop out of school, marry early, fall pregnant and (if they survive childbirth) may have to sell themselves to support their family. Therefore many contract HIV by the age of 15.

    But The Girl Effect offers another route. Via funding and resources girls from the age of 12 get access to regular health check-ups, continued education and heightened employment opportunities. It's a movement that truly empowers girls as they enter the crucial process of becoming a woman.

  • Riders for Health

    Reproductive Health and Rights: The Facts of Life

    Riders for Health is a non-profit organization that equips doctors with high speed motorcycles in rural areas of Africa, solving a huge problem of the vast distances between adequate medical care. The project now services more than 11 million people across Africa, making a real difference in their lives.

  • Recyclebank

    Environment: Healthy Planet, Healthy People

    Recyclebank is a drive to reward small sustainable actions with tangible rewards. Those who pledge to use less energy, increase their at-home recycling or simply learn more about how they can increase the green in their home and neighborhood, are rewarded with grocery store savings, drugstore coupons, and discounts on the brands they use everyday.

  • Meals on Wheels

    Ageing: An Unprecedented Challenge

    Meals on Wheels is a well known and long-running drive that brings communities together by offering nutritious food and helping the frail older people and younger people with disabilities and their carers stay in their homes where most are happiest is at the heart of the matter. But it's more than just a meal - the service is a chance for these people to share a smile, have a friendly chat and spend some time with a fellow human being.

  • Litre of Light

    Urbanization: Planning for Growth

    Isang Litrong Liwanag means 'A Litre of Light'. It's an inspiring project by the MyShelter Foundation that brings light to million of Philippinos who live in the dark. Literally. By filling plastic bottles with water and bleach, and placing them in a purpose built holes in the roof, sunlight is refracted thus creating an eco-friendly light bulb. A great example of how one idea can impact on the lives of millions.

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