The biggest attack saw Taliban militants storm an army base in the province of Farah, killing at least 18 soldiers.
Malcolm Turnbull refuses to be drawn into America's debate over gun control in the wake of the Florida high school shooting.
The United States has proposed a list of entities to be blacklisted under UN sanctions on North Korea.
Rivalries dating back to the 1800s, brought forward into a modern arena with a global audience. Are you not entertained?
Watch both episodes at SBS On Demand: 10 Australian Muslims live together for eight days in social experiment 'Muslims Like Us'.
The complete fourth and final season of The Bridge is now available to binge. Experience the dramatic conclusion to the Nordic Noir that started it all.
The story of The Knights Templar, powerful guardians of the Holy Grail and inspiration for Arthurian legends.
This acclaimed French thriller takes us to a dystopian future where people’s minds can be transferred into different bodies, producing a new caste of people: ‘transfers’.
Australian K-Pop sensation and host of SBS PopAsia Live, Kevin Kim has scooped the coveted title of Cosmopolitan + Tinder 2018 Bachelor of the Year at a star-studded...
Scottish side Queen of the South face a goalkeeping shortage for this weekend's clash with Dunfermline after a spot of bovine bother for reserve keeper Sam Henderson.
'The Lebs' author Michael Mohammed Ahmad wants to reclaim the narrative around Arab and Muslim men.
We say goodbye to some great movies this month. Catch them while you still can.
Richard Armitage, Rhys Ifans and Ashley Judd star in this gripping thriller mirroring the real-life clandestine operations of the CIA in the German capital.
Here are a few things to consider before you wed a close family member.
This poignant mini-series set in 1980's Stockholm explores the brutal impact that the AIDS epidemic had on the city's gay community.
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How do young people get on with life after having had cancer?
Set in a dark and brooding landscape, this stylish new thriller about an investigation spinning out of control exemplifies the very best of Scandi Noir.
"When my father suggested we see the film together, I was equal parts thrilled and mortified. I was terrified of the conversation that might ensue, knowing that...
Mariah Carey stars in this so-bad-it's-good movie about a young singer whose relationship with the DJ who discovered her falls apart when she ascends to stardom.
This documentary explores the legend of Dawn O’Donnel, a ruthless business woman who built an empire of gay and lesbian bars in Sydney in the 1960s.
Xavier Dolan's moving second feature follows two best friends whose relationship is put to the test when they fall for the same beautiful young man.
Dateline meets the refugees swapped in a deal between Australia and the USA. What’s it like arriving in Trump’s America after 4 years on Manus Island?
Join CNN correspondent Will Ripley on a rare, exclusive journey inside secretive North Korea, to places few outsiders have ever seen.
It’s been a wild, thrilling and bloody ride. Season five of Vikings delivers more of the same: intrigue, conflict, lurid affairs and power-plays.
The creators of The Killing redefine crime with this tense, ticking clock thriller revolved around a Copenhagen subway train hijacked by unknown perpetrators.
The story of the unsung heroes who took America into space. The first episode looks at how the Saturn V rocket, humanity's most powerful machine, was built.
#WalkWithUs - Indigenous Stories
NITV is launching a new drama series in 2018 and it's funny, a bit spooky and full of adventure.
Do you really know Australia’s story?
Three Aboriginal students from Coolgardie in Western Australia’s Goldfield region have made it to the finals of a national Science and Engineering Award.
In the figure skating final today, Harley Windsor and partner Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya failed qualify for the next round of the paired skating competition at the...
In an overnight address to the House of Commons Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has announced a new legal framework to enshrine the rights of Canada’s...
Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat (AbSec) has released their first annual report into the performance of the NSW Department of Family...
Here’s why it’s superior to ‘The Killing’ and every other Scandi crime drama.
Barnaby Joyce has not escaped the notice of US talk show host John Oliver who poked fun at Australia's deputy prime minister over his affair with a former staffer.
How the Hollywood heavyweight turned an old film of his into a must-watch TV series.
Binge on two seasons of this Hitchcockian thriller starring Hugh Laurie as a forensic neuropsychiatrist drawn into a murky underbelly of police corruption and...
When Shantelle discovers her little sister has posted raunchy pics online, she must hunt her down in their small rural town and stop her from crossing a dangerous...