James Taylor

SBS Managing Director

James Taylor is a strategically-driven leader with more than 18 years’ experience across the media and telecommunications sectors. He was announced as SBS’s Managing Director on 19 October 2018. He was acting in the role from 2 October 2018.

Prior to this, James was appointed as SBS’s Chief Financial Officer in September 2013, having joined the organisation as Head of Corporate Finance in June 2012. During his time at SBS, James has been central to SBS’s strategic direction, seamless operations and digital innovation. With oversight of the Finance, Corporate Strategy, People and Culture, SBS Media, Legal and Corporate Services teams, he has extensive experience and demonstrated success in managing complex activities to deliver effectively against organisational objectives.

Prior to SBS, James was Director of Strategy Consulting at Deloitte, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at British Telecom and Director, Corporate Development at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.