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SBS policy on referencing gambling odds in sports broadcasts

The Special Broadcasting Service Act 1991 provides that SBS may only broadcast advertisements and sponsorship announcements before or after programs and during natural program breaks. The SBS Codes of Practice and the SBS Editorial Guidelines require SBS to ensure that all decisions regarding commercial revenue are subject to the overriding principle that SBS’s editorial independence is paramount and is not to be compromised in any way.

SBS's policy on the placement of gambling and betting advertisements during live sporting events is set out in the SBS Editorial Guidelines (Guideline

In addition to this, SBS-employed presenters and commentators will not refer to odds in SBS sports broadcasts.

SBS employees are required to seek prior approval from their Director before they accept any third party appearances, promotions or engagements. This ensures that SBS sports presenters and commentators are not featured in advertisements which promote live odds or gambling organisations.

SBS will not broadcast commercials which do not meet the relevant advertising and broadcasting industry standards. This process ensures that commercials promoting gambling meet the proposed standards, including the addition of a responsible gambling message.

December 2016