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Go Back To Where You Came From - Research into Australian attitudes towards refugees

To coincide with SBS’s ground breaking documentary series Go Back To Where You Came From, SBS has released research into Australian attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers.

Conducted by Ipsos Mackay, the report shows that support for refugees in Australia has steadily declined over the past decade with only 39 per cent of respondents agreeing that Australia has a responsibility to accept refugees. Analysis of attitudinal trends towards refugees over the past 30 years also shows a shift in support from refugees and asylum seekers towards skilled migrants reflecting Australia’s current strong economy and low unemployment rate.

The Ipsos research attitudinal segmentation produced two very clear groups of respondents: ‘Under no circumstances’ (characterised by a high level of concern about cultural difference and opposed to immigration) and ‘Room for more’ (pro-immigration and multiculturalism). Two less distinct segments are ‘On our terms’ and ‘Fear of Foreign’ with the first supportive of immigration within limits and the second suspicious of cultural difference but pro-economic immigration. These segments each represent around a quarter of respondents.

For a copy of the report, click here.