FAQ's - Sport

How can I get football results or details of forthcoming fixtures?

Overnight football (soccer) results and a selection of forthcoming matches and events can be found on The World Game website. Details of other scheduled sporting events can be found in the SBS program guide.

Why do you focus on football (soccer)?

Football (soccer) is the undisputed world game. It is the world's most popular sport, and is the highest-participation sport in Australia. Although soccer is a natural priority for broadcasting on SBS, it is not carried to the exclusion of other sports. SBS in fact pioneered comprehensive television and online coverage of several sports, among them cycling, motorsports, lawn bowls, figure skating and basketball. Mainstream Australian sports, such as Australian football, rugby league and tennis, are regularly covered by SBS World News and are already comprehensively covered by other networks.

Why do you focus on European football (soccer)?

European football has a wide appeal among our viewers. It is also the easiest to import because it is usually readily available, it is packaged for international audiences, and it is relatively inexpensive. The same does not yet apply to football from other parts of the world, including South America, where pre-packaged soccer programs or games are not always available for the foreign market. The SBS budget does not allow us to buy large volumes of individual games from areas such as South America or Africa and post-produce them for an Australian audience. SBS is the proud broadcaster of the Premier League, a world class football league that features the best players in the world and attracts the largest audiences worldwide. SBS also hosts the domestic Hyundai A-League competition showcasing the greatest local and international talent in Australia.

Why doesn't SBS broadcast major sports events live to Perth?

SBS has a uniform national schedule. To go live in Perth would mean splitting the schedule because of the time difference between the eastern states and Western Australia. Scheduling priorities usually mean this cannot be done. We do all we can to broadcast as much of our sport as possible live to all markets. In the event that we can’t go live into Perth on SBS, we look for alternate broadcast options on SBS VICELAND. We Livestream all Cycling events on Cycling Central and we also Livestream the A-League and our other football productions on The World Game.