License and Access SBS Content

SBS holds a unique collection of television, radio and digital content, with an emphasis on multicultural and Indigenous subject matter.

To enquire about licensing SBS produced footage, stills, audio or text, contact SBS Rights Management.

To enquire about accessing content from the SBS Archives, contact SBS Archives.

Before contacting SBS, please check the FAQs – they may provide an easy answer to your query. See below.


SBS Content Licensing FAQs

Audience queries

Can I get a DVD/Digital download of a program I’ve seen on SBS/ SBS On Demand?

Many programs broadcast on SBS are not produced by SBS – we do not own them, we acquire the rights to broadcast them but cannot distribute them by other means.

Personal copies may be available via DVD retailers or digital download sites (such as iTunes or Google Play) or by contacting the production companies directly. If you are unable to find those details please contact SBS Rights Management  


I appeared in a news story on SBS World News, can I get a copy of that story for my own personal use?

In some cases, SBS may be able to provide personal copies of SBS World News stories for contributors – if you were interviewed by an SBS reporter or otherwise, please contact the news team


I was featured in an SBS program can I get a copy of that program for my own personal use?

If you were featured in an SBS production, SBS may be able to provide a personal digital copy of the program for your own archive. Contact


My copyright material has been used on SBS without my permission, what can I do about it?

SBS aims to protect and harness our trusted position with audiences and stakeholders by complying with copyright laws and respecting the intellectual property rights of others.

SBS will investigate and act promptly to resolve all reasonable complaints of copyright infringement.

If you have a query about copyright material used anywhere by SBS, please contact our Rights Management team –


Using SBS content

Can I use footage from an SBS program in my own production?

SBS Archives and Rights Management provide a licensing service for external clients, including film makers, advertising agencies and corporate companies, just to name a few.

Please note that SBS can only provide a licence for use of content in which SBS is the copyright owner.

Email with your enquiry.


Does SBS provide a footage research service?

SBS holds a unique collection of television, radio and digital content, with a focus on multicultural and indigenous subject matter.

SBS Archives provides expert research services for external clients, whether it be for large scale productions or smaller personal requests. If you would like to explore what the unique SBS archive collection has, please send a detailed request to


Can I reproduce an article from the SBS website?

You may license articles from the SBS website in which SBS is the copyright owner. You may license the entire article or just a short part, if that is all you need.

Email with your enquiry.

Can I reproduce an image from the SBS website?

You may license images from the website in which SBS is the copyright owner, however please note that many images used on the SBS website are sourced from third parties.

If the source is credited to one of our image suppliers e.g. Getty Images or AAP, please contact the supplier for permissions.

If there is no credit or you would like to discuss, email with your enquiry.


How much does it cost to license SBS footage, stills and articles?

Rates apply to the use of SBS content in third party productions. Fees reflect the media, term, territory and duration of content requested.

Please see the SBS Rates Cards for the cost of accessing content from the SBS archive.

SBS Rates Card – Footage (external)

SBS Rates Card – Footage (SBS Commissioning partners)

SBS Rates Card – Text and Stills


Educational queries

I’m a teacher - I saw a program on SBS that I would like to use in the classroom. Can I get a copy for educational use?

SBS only has limited rights in most programs which are viewed on SBS TV channels and SBS On Demand.  In many cases, SBS cannot provide copies for any purpose – including educational use.

There are several resources available to Australian schools providing access to programs broadcast on Australian TV. Please contact your institution to find out if it holds a Screenrights licence allowing you to copy and communicate programs from TV and radio. 

  • Enhance TV – is a non-profit service curating the best of Australian broadcast TV to deliver curriculum linked videos
  • ClickView– records every program broadcast by Australia’s 18 Free To Air TV channels and makes them available to subscribers to clip and share with students
  • TV4Education – describes itself as Australia’s biggest Educational Video Library, sourcing content from both Free To Air and Pay TV channels – including a curated YouTube library
  • Informit EduTV – provides a more focussed service aimed at the tertiary education sector

SBS Learn hosts educational materials for schools linked to Australian curriculum and SBS and NITV programming, including documentaries, dramas, news & current affairs, sport and other productions.  

Created especially for teachers and students, SBS Learn is the educational arm of the wider SBS Outreach initiative, focusing on creating quality materials for teachers.

Through SBS Learn you can access teaching resources that are:

  • Available for Foundation through to Year 12
  • Tailored to the Australian Curriculum and relevant across the country
  • Covering all Key Learning Areas
  • Clearly connected to Cross Curriculum Priorities and General Capabilities
  • Ready to download, save and share with colleagues and students
  • Ready for immediate use including classroom-friendly clips

Popular teaching resources on SBS include Cyber Safety: Discussion Guides, Celebrate NAIDOC: Always Was, Always Will be, Explore Australian Identity and Histories and Australian Business Case Studies