SBS Eurovision Radio Launches on 1 May

26 April, 2016

News Release

Listeners can request their favourite Eurovision tracks via twitter with the hashtag #sbseurovision and enjoy back-to-back Eurovision hits and classics. SBS Radio’s Eurovision Reporter Alistair Birch will be on the ground in Stockholm bringing all the backstage gossip and interviewing Eurovision artists for SBS Radio’s in-language programs. “I only speak three languages myself, so I rely on my colleagues at the SBS language desks back in Melbourne and Sydney to help bring Eurovision to Australia’s diverse communities,” he said.

“My speciality is recording the secret music of the Eurovision. With over forty talented artists gathered together, there is a lot of music performed over and beyond the actual contest entries and we will be bringing you the best of this on SBS Eurovision Radio.”

Then, on TV, tune into SBS’s Eurovision Weekend at 7.30pm on Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May. SBS’s all-time favourite duo act, hosts Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang, will be poised and ready from the commentary booth in the Globe Arena in Stockholm to guide Australians through the meatballs, music and madness that is Eurovision. 

This year, a third member is added to the team…as television, film and theatre star and Eurovision aficionado Toby Truslove puts on the sequins and shimmys into place as behind the scenes reporter; backstage to give Australians an access all areas pass to the preparations to the big contest.

Unlike last year where Australia was a wild card entry straight to the Grand Final, Australia’s contender, Dami Im, will compete in Semi-Final 2, and must get enough votes to go through to the Grand Final.

Australians will be able to vote in the contest during the early morning LIVE broadcasts and join in the conversation using the hashtag #sbseurovision during the interactive evening prime-time
broadcasts with tweets and party pictures on screen.

Eurovision fans can tune into SBS’s LIVE early morning Semi-Final and Grand Final broadcasts on Wednesday 11 May (Semi-Final 1), Friday 13 May (Semi-Final 2 featuring Australian performance) and Sunday 15 May (Grand Final).

In each Semi-Final, 10 contestants are chosen to qualify for the Grand Final. Viewers in all
countries taking part in a particular Semi-Final are invited to vote via the official app, telephone
and/or SMS. In the first Semi-Final, viewers and juries in France, Sweden and Spain will vote. In the second Semi-Final, viewers and juries in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom will also vote. All 43 participating countries vote in The Grand Final. The voting window opens after the last song has been performed, and ends 15 minutes later.

As per the official Eurovision rules, viewers can vote in the Semi Final in which their country is participating, as well as the Grand Final.

For Australian viewers, this means they will need to tune into the LIVE broadcasts of Semi Final 2 Friday 13 May from 5am, and the Grand Final Sunday 15 May from 5am in order to cast their vote at the same time as European audiences. To vote they will need to text or call the numbers that appear on screen during these live broadcasts.

The other 50% of the vote is decided by a National Jury in each participating country. Australia’s jury will be announced on Friday May 29. 

The jury and Australian public can vote for any country except Australia.

SBS Eurovision Radio will simulcast the LIVE SBS coverage of both semi-finals and the Grand Final on Wednesday 11 May, Friday 13 May and Sunday 15 May on SBS Radio 4 on digital radio or stream online or via the SBS Radio App.

You can also hear the simulcast of the SBS prime-time broadcasts 7.30pm Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May.

For more Eurovision news, head to the SBS Eurovision website sbs.com.au/eurovision

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