SBS refutes claims of anti-Indian propaganda

Updated 30 August, 2017


SBS is aware there is currently an online petition accusing SBS of being anti-Indian and of publishing anti-Indian propaganda, citing the recent publication of a map of India and the way Kashmir is depicted.

SBS strongly denies such allegations.

Recently SBS World News published a story online about the 70th anniversary of the partition of India through the voices of three Australians who witnessed it first-hand.  This included a video with a map showing the changes to the region from before and after the partition.

SBS World News appreciates that both India and Pakistan lay claim to Kashmir and administer separate parts of the region.   As a news service it is not SBS’s role to take a particular side. For this reason the image shows Kashmir with the colours of both nations as represented on the map. China also administers part of Kashmir which is included on the map.  The map is designed to be seen as an element within a video not as a still image.  The video shows the changes in boundaries over the past 70 years.

To assist our audiences to better understand administrative arrangements in the Kashmir region SBS has made some enhancements to the map in the story on the SBS World News Facebook page for clarification.

SBS is always mindful of community sensitivities when reporting on global issues and tensions such as this and ensures it remains impartial and balanced in its reporting. SBS has long been a supporter of the Indian community as it is to all the communities we serve.