SBS statement in response to the Inquiry into the Competitive Neutrality of the National Broadcasters

12 December 2018


SBS welcomes the Competitive Neutrality Inquiry’s finding that we are operating in a manner consistent with the principles of competitive neutrality.
We are pleased that the Inquiry positively reflects the seriousness with which SBS takes its obligations as a public broadcaster, and the diligence we apply to our operations.

As the terms of reference noted, competitive neutrality principles do not imply that government organisations cannot successfully compete with private businesses. SBS is engaging more Australians than ever before as a result of a well-defined strategy, content audiences won’t find anywhere else and efficient operations, all in service of the SBS Charter.

SBS’s suite of services today brings a diversity of views and perspectives to the domestic media market, telling stories otherwise untold and giving a voice to communities otherwise unheard. 

SBS is committed to maintaining the trust audiences have placed in us for more than 40 years. We continually look for ways to demonstrate the value of a dedicated multicultural and Indigenous broadcaster to all Australians in contributing to the vitality of an inclusive society.

SBS will now consider the panel’s findings and recommendations released today in detail.