Migration of Optus satellite system delivering SBS VAST services.

Optus currently delivers Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) to broadcasters via two co-located Optus satellites, C1 and D3.

Optus already broadcasts some VAST channels such as National Indigenous Television (NITV) via its Optus D3 satellite.

To support the ongoing expansion of new VAST channels, Optus is migrating select SBS channels from its C1 satellite to Optus D3 from 4 September 2012, in cooperation with SBS.

The SBS VAST services on channels 3,30 and 32 are now accessible on channels 40,41 and 42.

To access SBS VAST channels broadcast via Optus D3, viewers will need to have a wideband Low Noise Block (LNB) down-converter as part of their satellite reception system.

Viewers with wideband LNB will experience no changes to their existing SBS service.

Viewers with narrowband LNB will have a three month transition period to install wideband LNB on their satellite dish by 4 December 2012.

SBS is working to minimise any possible disruption to viewers during this migration.

Viewers are encouraged to contact their satellite equipment provider or local dealer to arrange for their satellite reception system to be upgraded to wideband LNB as soon as possible.

Further information about these changes is available on VAST Channel 802.