World Movies Celebrates: 20 Years with Rachel Griffiths

 Friday 16 October

News Release

Over 20 breathtaking nights this November, World Movies celebrates 20 years on Foxtel with 20 award-winning, critically-acclaimed films from the last two decades. Hosted by Golden Globe-winning actress Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Brothers & Sisters, Muriel’s Wedding), WM Celebrates: 20 Years showcases the world’s most iconic international films featuring big stars, talented directors and the finest stories from across the globe.

Starting weeknights at 8.30pm from Monday 2 November, each night features insights, anecdotes and film trivia from Australian actress Rachel Griffiths, filmed exclusively for World Movies.

Featured films include the charming, box-office smash hit Amélie; Ang Lee’s martial arts fairytale for the ages, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; the original Swedish adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s international bestselling book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; the unflinching and relentlessly honest Downfall; the haunting and visually spectacular ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for grown-ups, Pan’s Labyrinth; Roberto Benigni’s Academy Award-winning masterpiece Life is Beautiful; the thought-provoking biopic with a huge heart, The Motorcycle Diaries;  the breathtaking race-against-the-clock set to pounding German techno, Run Lola Run; and the stunning biopic of tragic French songstress Edith Piaf, La Vie En Rose.

Chris Keely, SBS General Manager of Subscription Television said: “World Movies was one of the original channels on the Foxtel platform when it launched back in 1995. Since then, World Movies has become synonymous with the world’s best international cinema, and we are delighted to welcome actress Rachel Griffiths to the channel for this special event.”

Rachel Griffiths said: “World Movies have handpicked 20 of the finest films from around the globe that have introduced us to some of the greatest actors in international cinema. I am thrilled to be celebrating 20 years of World Movies bringing the stories of the world to our screens, and look forward to showcasing these beloved, critically-acclaimed films.”

To view the promo clip featuring Rachel Griffiths, click here. 

WM Celebrates: 20 Years airs exclusively on World Movies every weeknight from Monday 2 November to Friday 27 November 8.30pm AEDT, with a weekly marathon screening every Saturday in November from 3.00pm AEDT.
World Movies is available on Foxtel (Channel 430).

with Rachel Griffiths

Monday 2 November, 8.30pm: Amélie
Tuesday 3 November, 8.30pm: Downfall
Wednesday 4 November, 8.30pm: All About My Mother
Thursday5 November, 8.30pm: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Friday 6 November, 8.30pm: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Saturday 7 November from 3pm: Marathon of above five films

Monday 9 November, 8.30pm: Pan’s Labyrinth
Tuesday 10 November, 8.30pm: Life is Beautiful
Wednesday 11 November, 8.30pm: The Skin I Live In
Thursday12 November, 8.30pm: Battle Royale
Friday 13 November, 8.30pm: Swimming Pool

Saturday 14 November from 3pm: Marathon of above five films

Monday 16 November, 8.30pm: City of God
Tuesday 17 November, 8.30pm: The Motorcycle Diaries
Wednesday 18 November, 8.30pm: Let The Right One In
Thursday19 November, 8.30pm: The Intouchables
Friday 20 November, 8.30pm: Oldboy

Saturday 21 November from 3pm: Marathon of above five films

Monday 23 November, 8.30pm: Run Lola Run
Tuesday 24 November, 8.30pm: La Vie En Rose
Wednesday 25 November, 8.30pm: The Crime of Father Amaro
Thursday26 November, 8.30pm: A Prophet
Friday 27 November, 8.30pm: Biutiful

Saturday 28 November from 3pm: Marathon of above five films